Hayley Williams: Biography and music career

Published At: 07 February 2020 , 08:13 AM

The full name is Hayley Nicole Williams. Hayley is a vocalist in Paramore, but she also plays keyboards well. Born 12/27/1988 in the city of Meridian, Mississippi, USA.

Later, when she was thirteen, she moved with her family to Franklin, Tennessee, where she still lives. There she met the brothers Zach and Josh Farro.

According to the zodiac sign, she is Capricorn.

The eyes are green.

Haley's height is 158 cm.


Nicknames: Hayleyball, Hayles. For a noticeable gap between the two teeth, Haley also received the nickname "Sponge Bob." 

He considers it very important to realize that: growing up is difficult. Everybody needs a good shake. There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses. 

His interests include:





Makeup and hairstyles.

Haley's favorite places are her house, Waffle House (cafe), the city of Los Angeles, and the bus in which the group travels to concert tours. Favorite music by Paramore vocalist: The Chariot, No Doubt, Lemuria, Saves The Day, The Cure, Johny Cash and many others in the same direction. Haley's favorite films include Wayne's World, Son-in-Law, and True Love. 

The girl calls her favorite quotes: "Let's stop hating and light it tonight" (Kid Dynamite), "The day came when the risk of being a bud seemed more painful than the risk of turning into a flower" (Anais Nin).

Fun facts about Hayley Williams:

Only one thing can eat at a time. Sometimes he notices that fashion seems to revolve around her, and Williams is scary. The last book read was Neal Gaiman's Coraline. Hayley Williams does not use drugs. I used to be very afraid of the scene but always wanted to be a member of a rock band. Hayley Williams considers himself a fan of the band N-Sync. 

Williams has as many as five tattoos on his body:

A razor with the signature "shave me" on the right ankle, a rain cloud with lightning, and the inscription "warped!" Behind the left ear (in memory of the concert tour), across on the right leg, slightly above the knee, a heart on the right hand (like her girlfriends), three white stripes on a black background (a sign of unity of the group) - on the left wrist. Haley once had a septum (puncture of the nasal septum), but she soon removed it. 

He loves tight jeans, and be original. She studied vocals with Brat Manning in his hometown of Nashville. Haley was only sixteen years old during the studio recording of Paramore's debut album.

Mom Hayley Williams is a teacher in Franklin; her parents have long divorced. Throughout the UK Tour in 2006, Hayley missed her home so much that she couldn't write a single song. Before the 2006 Warped Tour and the first concert of the Tennessee tour, Haley got sick and lost her voice. 

She has sisters - McKyle and Eric. 

She loves the food Josh and Zack's parents cook, especially Mr. Farro's "chicken." He loves all dishes with cheese, because of the need to preserve her voice, any products made from whole milk contraindicated. She also likes salmon, tuna, and barbecue. Haley meets Chuck from "New Found Glory" and participated in the filming of their video for the song "Kiss Me".