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Published At: 20 July 2020 , 06:25 PM

Career: rapper

Date of Birth: July 18, 1992

Age: 28 years

Place of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

Family status: not married


Some famous personalities and characters have become famous and, as a result, are perceived mainly in a duet. The associative series - Sid and Nancy, Romeo and Juliet, Wupsen and Pupsen, Potap and Nastya, Eldzhey and Feduk - will continue HammAli and his friend Navai, who blew up the summer radio receivers of 2018 with their rap "Let me on the dance floor" and "Noy." Thus, the guys consolidated the previous success, which brought them the romantic story "If you want, I'll come to you."

Childhood and youth

HammAli, aka Alexander Aliev - senior in tandem - was born on July 18, 1992. Azerbaijani by nationality. Like his colleague, he grew up an exemplary child to the delight of his parents. In turn, they did not stop the son's undertakings of the son and the irresistible craving for art, but, on the contrary, supported them in every possible way.

Therefore, on the Internet, one can find repeated statements about childhood as a happy time, remembered without fail with warmth, respect, and awe.

In school time, the boy participated in amateur performances, not without success; he was a soloist of the choir and demonstrated his skills in creative contests. The scene became so familiar that, already as a graduate, he decided: he wants to connect his future life exclusively with music.


Alexander began the musical journey by recording his tracks on a simple front camera. In 2009, the first song "For Her" was born, after two years on "YouTube," thanks to the participation and support of fellow countryman Bahh Tee, he actively watched the clip "Love is not tender phrases."

Despite all the fears, the listeners supposedly can be rude to the rude sound; many liked the composition. Before working with Navai Bakirov, Aliyev collaborated with Archi-M, Dima Kartashov, Andrey Lenitsky. The thoughts about a solo album did not come true.

Collaboration with Navai in the genres of hip-hop, trap, deep house, and pop started in 2016 with a Day on the Calendar, which received a proper reaction from the public and the artists' environment, and a change of image that emphasized the artist's masculinity. According to the singers, they had to create not in a comfortable studio, but sitting in a car and driving around Moscow at night. The next year turned out to be especially fruitful for the duo: singles, like stamped ones, were released every month, two of them were recorded with Jozzi and Bakhtiyar Aliyev, who took the guys under their wing. "Together to fly" and the caring "You Want to, I Will Come to You" that came out that same fall forced the fans to pay close attention. As a result, the latter has more than half a million views in 2 days. The romantic ballad "Noy" became a gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day, the chorus from it immediately engraves in the memory, as, in fact, in the summer track about the addiction to dancing.

Young musicians did not forget about the beautiful half of humanity, presenting the premiere album Janavi immediately after the main spring holiday. The collection received honorary platinum status in Russia.

The growing popularity and demand for HammAli & Navai and natural talent can be explained by the professionalism of the primary mentor - the talented concert director and producer Ulyana Banana, known for her work with T-Killah, Yegor Creed, L'One, Christina Si and others. However, no detailed comments wards girls can not wait.

Fans so memorize the lyrics that they have already been sorted out into quotes in various kinds of publics, communities, and groups - girls and, as they say, "boys," and the songs themselves contain many covers and remixes.

Personal life

It is not easy to find information about the personal side of the biographies of both members of the team. Still, it is known that they are neither married nor married, did not have children, and they generally try to bypass the topic of possible applicants.

Sometimes, an intriguing publication flashes on Instagram - I fell in love with a listener. Still, I have to leave, and the posts contain an only brief reflection on love relationships, as befits a laconic Caucasian:

"I am sitting here thinking about my future. After all, sooner or later I will consciously come to the fact that I want to start a family. But even this image does not fit in my head, where I am a family man. Let's throw me away. I can't even imagine the image of a girl whom I would like to marry."

HammAli news

As HammAli emphasizes on social media pages and rare interviews, creativity is now the essential point. Pictures from concerts, constant communication with subscribers, colorful photoshoots, a critical assessment of one's character (probably, as an explanation of the chosen nickname), and releases of new singles are saturated with groups and accounts on VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The latter does look like a comprehensive manual: moderately brutal, moderately lyrical. The restrained male nod towards Basti Basti, thoughts about the appearance of the future darling and a comment about the absence of a specific one, which caused a relieved exhalation of fans, everyday advice spiced with a strong word, life hacks and attempts to joke - several thousand readers are happy to get acquainted with the singer's life on the Web.

At the end of July 2018, the duo performed at the St. Petersburg "festival for everyone" VK Fest.

Despite the upbringing and some detachment from journalists and battles, Azerbaijani rappers still managed to appear in scandalous news reports. In August of that year, the notorious athlete Khabib Nurmagomedov, one of the top ten rankings of the best fighters according to the UFC, posted a video from a speech in his homeland, leaving a very unflattering response about the behavior of an enthusiastic crowd of fans.