GUNWEST: Russian rapper | Biography, Facts, Career

Published At: 24 July 2020 , 05:42 PM

Name: Gunvest (Gunwest) 

Real nameRuslan Gominov 

Birthday: November 11, 1992 (27 years old) 

Place of birth: Aktau, Kazakhstan 

Height: 174 cm Weight: 70 kg 

Zodiac sign: Scorpio ( characteristic ) 

Eastern horoscope: Monkey 

Career: Russian musicians 621 place


Gunvest is a rap romantic, behind whose brutal appearance and outrageous behavior the soul of the poet is hidden. Having started his triumphant march with the social network VKontakte, the rapper, for whom love is the central theme of creativity, became the star of the Russian hip-hop scene in a matter of months. 

EARLY YEARS. 100% SELF-MADE The name of the artist whose face I cover with tattoos is Ruslan Gominov (according to other sources, the surname is spelled "Gaminov"). He was born in Aktau, a resort town of Kazakhstan, on November 11, 1992. The father left the family shortly after his son's birth, and her mother raised Ruslana. According to the musician, they lived in poverty, so he, barely growing up, tried to help his mother: he was an auxiliary worker, a loader, worked at a construction site. Music has always been his passion and outlet; however, in the early years, Ruslan listened to heavy music, especially for Korn, Ozzy Osbourne, and Marilyn Manson. Trying to be like his idols and stand out from the crowd of peers, he began to dye his hair and nails. A little later, Ruslan heard rapper Tupac and understood in which direction he should move. Gominov posted his first tracks on the social network Vkontakte, carefully analyzing the listeners' reaction - he was looking for the sound that would distinguish him from other freeshers. Since 2008, Ruslan has been writing music and lyrics, experimenting with rock music and reggae, trying to weave notes of blues into the beat, following his dream of becoming a famous musician. 


The artist drew inspiration from everyday life; his songs reflect the problems that worry young people, their feelings and emotions. For about ten years, Ruslan participated in various competitions, sent his notes to radio stations, but remained in obscurity.

Ruslan came up with a pseudonym in his youth. Ganvest is made up of two words: Gan is a weapon, in this case, texts, and West means "West." In 2015 Ruslan took part in the casting of the Young Blood project, the main prize of which was a contract with Timati's label, but he was eliminated from the second round. Not wanting to return with nothing, he stayed in the capital and got a job in one of the Blackstar label shops.

For a year, Ruslan worked as a seller and handed out flash drives with his records to customers. Failing failure after failure, Ruslan did not give up, but in 2017 he had to return to Kazakhstan. In his hometown, Ruslan worked in a barbershop, and in the evenings, he performed in clubs, saving money to try his luck in the capital again. In 2018, the musician posted the track "Starfall" on his page. In an interview, the rapper says that he promoted his track in various publics and had to pay for it. The enterprising Ruslan refers to the guys from the Laskoviy May group, who had to achieve popularity by distributing their cassettes on trains and commuter trains at the beginning of their careers.

The track "Starfall" literally took off to the top of the popular charts and drew attention to the rapper. The growing number of fans and subscribers demanded new tracks, and Ruslan, inspired by his first success, wrote the compositions "Datura" and "Nicotine," which became hits overnight.


In the fall of 2018, the performer presented a mini-album "Adyos," which included four dance tracks. The album revealed all the facets of the artist's talent, however, who remains true to himself a romantic and does not hesitate to show either sadness or pain from parting with his beloved. Ganvest's songs are his personal stories, experienced and embodied in the futuristic sound of a new rap.

Not letting the listeners come to their senses from the first mini-album, Ruslan released the second, putting the young performer on a par with the venerable representatives of the Russian hip-hop movement. The mini-album "Infected," which included the tracks "Alcohol," "Gangshit," "Show me love," and others, made an even more vivid impression and amazed with professionalism. The lyrics of the shocking Ganvest are full-fledged lyric poems, with precisely calibrated rhymes and new metaphors, dressed in dance rhythms.

At the end of 2018, Ganvest performed in the best clubs in the country, invariably striking the audience with the seeming inconsistency of daring behavior, outrageous appearance, and suggestive lyrics of his songs. 


Ruslan is open to any kind of communication, he communicates with fans, keeping silent; however, about his personal life. The fact that the rapper is not deprived of the fair sex's attention can be assumed, but in the fall of 2018, in an interview, he said that all his novels were unhappy.

Since 2018 Ruslan has been living in St. Petersburg with his mother, to whom he does not hide his tender affection. 


Having released two mini-albums, Ruslan began work on a full-length album, which he planned to call "Red Roses." At his concerts, he always gives girls red roses - these are his mother's favorite flowers and a symbol of love.

At the end of 2018, Ruslan began an offensive movement on TV: he became a guest of the programs "The Stars Came Together" and "Borodin vs. Buzova." By the end of 2018, Ganvest entered the rating of the highest-paid young rappers in Russia (although he got to the last, tenth place). Although his fees are far from Eljay, Husky, and Pharaoh, Ruslan sincerely and ardently declares that money is not the main thing for him. In early 2019, the romantic rapper gave a concert at the Platinum club and visited Samara, Rostov-on-Don, and other cities.