Guf - biography, personal life, news, songs

Published At: 03 August 2020 , 05:39 PM

Career: musician, rapper

Date of Birth: September 23, 1979

Age: 40 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Growth: 182

Family status: divorced


Guf is an ambiguous personality in the musical world. Are there any artists who admit that they have schizophrenia and psychosis? Moreover, in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the rapper openly stated that he was "smoking pot". He quarrelled with Scryptonite, Basta and T-Fest, and not yet reconciled with everyone. He agreed to a battle with Ptakha only for 2 million rubles. He is ready to go against Face for at least 5 million rubles. Track Timati for the Day of Moscow set a record on Youtube for the number of dislikes.

Childhood and youth

Guf, aka Alexey Dolmatov, was born on September 23, 1979, in Moscow. The father left the family early, where his daughter Anna was also growing up. Soon the children had a stepfather with whom they established good relations.

Guf as a child

In his youth, Guf lived with his parents in China. There, the rapper graduated from high school and studied to be a linguist at the university. After returning to Moscow after seven years, he entered the Faculty of Economics and received a second higher education.

Personal life

The musician's personal life has always been the subject of lively fan discussions. He lived with his wife Aiza Anokhina for six years. During this time, the son of Sami was born. The musician adores the child. The boy is engaged in acrobatics and surfing, he speaks English no worse than his father, but he does not like rap or tattoos (judging by the photo on Instagram, Guf's body is completely covered with pinned drawings).

The reasons for the separation of the parents themselves were called different: the singer again became addicted to drugs, the performer had a new girlfriend, the ex-wife was dating a snowboarder. The spouses exchanged claims on social networks, but over time, the passions subsided. Later, Guf spoke frankly about his divorce in an interview with Yuri Dudu.

The breakup with Aiza followed by a two-year affair with the soloist of A'Studio Keti Topuria, which also failed. Guf still cannot forget his ex-lover. According to rumours, the ex-participant of "House-2" Yana Shevtsova intervened in the relationship, announcing that she became pregnant from the performer. However, in a conversation with Maria Melnikova, the wife of Mota, Topuria said that the couple broke up due to a different lifestyle, despite all the strength of their feelings.

Guf also credited with an affair with a TV show participant Anastasia Kiushkina. In September 2019, the media reported that Alexei would become the hero of a popular show for the search for personal happiness. Right, later a clarification came out: his candidacy considered, but the choice made in favour of another "ideal man".

In the Moscow region, the rapper built a house and a studio, before that he rented housing or lived in his grandmother's apartment. Nearby there is a sports ground and a guest cottage. After lengthy negotiations, we managed to buy a neighbouring plot. The musician himself was engaged in the design and selection of building materials.

In early 2020, it became known that Guf was dating a girl named Julia Koroleva. In March, the performer posted on his Instagram a photo from a romantic trip, and attentive fans noticed a ring on the singer's finger. Julia also acquired such an ornament. Subscribers vied with each other to congratulate the couple on the wedding, but the lovers have not yet confirmed the guess that they have legalized the relationship.

And later, fans started talking about another rapper's passion - Olesya Lovchikova, also known as Lesya Fak. A tender relationship was already associated with this girl Guf, but the couple always broke up and converged again. In 2017, the final breakup announced, and in April 2020, Lesya began uploading photos and stories that made fans suspect the resumption of a long-standing romance. Guf himself has not yet commented on these rumours.

Guf has an official website, but fans prefer to follow the news of his work and wild personal life through social networks. The height of the performer is 182 cm, weight is about 70 kg.


Guf recorded his first track at the age of 19, but then there was a break in his creative biography, according to media reports, associated with studying at a university. According to another version - because of drug problems. He is not able to overcome harmful addiction even now. In 2000, Alexey Dolmatov made his debut in the music world as part of the Rolexx group. The rapper used this name as part of a pseudonym - he signed the discs as Guf aka Rolexx.

Long-term cooperation has developed with the beatmaker and member of the Smoke Curtain band Slim. And in 2004, the Centr team appeared, Guf created it together with Principle. The first album "Gifts" had 13 copies and was sold to friends as a New Year's gift.

The tracks "Gossip", My Game "," New Year "became fatal in the performer's career. The rapper not only works with his bandmates but also enters into collaborations with Noggano, AK-47, Smoky Mo, Djigan. In 2007, the debut solo album "City of Roads" was released.

Guf now

On the eve of 2019, he presented the song "Play", which he performed with the young artist Vlad Ramm. And in February he delighted his fans with a new collaboration - the hit "February 31", recorded with Marie Kraimbreri.

Following the artist released a new collaboration with the duo Gunz & Deemars. Colleagues in the genre have already released a joint track OG; now we are talking about recording a full-length album and a video for the song "Waves". Gunz & Deemars dispel the myth that a star like Guf should be paid unthinkable money for a track. The performer himself offered the guys cooperation, and they could not refuse the person "who promotes rap in Russia." The older comrade, according to them, has not lost his young fuse, because the age difference is not noticeable.

In early 2020, Guf cancelled several concerts, explaining this with an injury: the singer diagnosed with a fracture of two ribs. Under what circumstances the damage received is unknown.

In February, the performer presented to fans a new song "Who to Wake Up With", as well as the result of another creative collaboration - the composition "The Roof Takes Down by a Hurricane", performed together with Murovei (Ant).