Grimes Thinks Computers Will Eventually Make Better “Emotional Art” Than Humans

Published At: 04 December 2019 , 04:11 PM

" This might be the last personal art that anyone ever cares about."

Grimes lately talked about artificial intellect's developing capacity to make artwork on Sean Carroll's Mindscape podcast, and she climbed on her thoughts in a new dialogue with celebrity Brit Marling for Interview Magazine.

The Canadian artist clarified why she believes in starting a podcast called The Last Artist, that according to her religion that artificial intelligence is becoming close to creating "psychological art" that resonates with people.

"We might be in the last decade of people who get to create art without struggling against computers that are ten million times more reliable and faster and more intelligent and more exciting," she said. "We might be some of the last civilized artists who aren't entirely rendered obsolete by artificial intelligence."

As a result, she announced the present could be the "most valuable time ever" to create art because "this might be the last human art that anyone ever cares about."

According to Grimes, the change in power will occur when computers learn to "emulate hormones," which will allow artificial intelligence to get how humans feel. "They'll be capable of being better humans than us," she said. "They'll be ready to make more emotional art. They'll be capable of accessing that difficult thing."

She also explained the present as a "pyramids got built" moment. "We're going to be digitizing entity and colonizing place together, which maybe two of the stupidest things that will have happened in the history of humanity," she said, alluding to her lover Elon Musk's SpaceX program. "It's going to occur while we are alive, and while we are young, which is nuts."

Getting from the list with these remarks, Grimes previously described her next album, MIss_Anthropocene, as"a thought Record about the anthropomorphic dryad of Climate Change" in which"every song will be a distinctive expression of human extinction as expressed through a Popstar Demonology." The album is slated to release on February 21, 2020.