Grimes lifestyle and glory of his career

Published At: 21 December 2019 , 03:02 PM


 Grimes is a singer whose voice is called ethereal and even cosmic, and songs are called the music of the future. An atypical combination of different styles and directions, pure soprano and delicate taste make Grimes a unique phenomenon in the space of show business.


The real name of the singer is Claire Alice Boucher; she was born in Vancouver on March 17, 1988. Claire's mother is Sandy Garossino, a public prosecutor and well-known Canadian public figure. The maternal singer's grandmother is Ukrainian, so Grimes heard from childhood how her grandmother and grandfather communicate in Russian, and she learned a little language.

Subsequently, she more than once left hints of Russian roots in her work. For example, on the cover of the Visions album, there is an inscription "I love" and a quote from "Songs of the Last Meeting" by Anna Akhmatova (this is one of the singer's favourite poetesses). At one of the concerts, she sang Alexander Pushkin's poem "I Loved You" translated into music in Russian, and in February 2019 she sang Yanka Diaghileva's song "I repeat ten times and again." In Vancouver, Bush studied at a Catholic school, and after graduating from it, in 2006 entered the oldest higher educational institution in Canada - McGill University in Montreal. Claire was always interested in science, as well as fine art and literature, so she doubted for a long time what to devote her life to, and, finally, she chose the faculty of neurobiology.

In her student years, Claire became interested in music, since 2007 she began to perform in clubs in Montreal as DJ Grimes, compiling hip-hop, rock and electronica. Experimenting with various styles and musical directions, the girl found her unique sound. Together with other musicians, she staged performances in an abandoned textile factory in the suburbs of Montreal. She recorded two songs of her composition, included in the 2009 collection of Canadian electronic music. 


Inspired by Frank Gebert's Dune and other science fiction writers, Claire released two albums in 2010 under her label Arbutus Records. "Geidi Primes" and "Halfaxa" did not bring the singer popularity, but attracted the attention of other artists and music critics, who noted the identity of Grimes, her voice and artistry.

In 2011, Claire left the university, as music now occupied all her time. In the spring of the same year, she went on a tour of North America with the Swedish indie singer Lucca Lee, and later recorded several songs with young Canadian avant-garde musician Chris d'Eon, known as d'Eon. In 2012, Claire released her third record, Vision, with the 4AD label, which earned exceptionally enthusiastic reviews by the columnists of the most respected music publications. It was recorded entirely on computer editors in just three weeks, but in some sources, it was called the "album of the year." The New York Times named Vision the most impressive album of the year, and in 2013 he received the Juno Award as the electronic album of the year.

The style of the record was described by Evan Ritlevsky, the editor of Club, as a "depressive electro-pop," and Matt James of Pop Matters called the record an absolute intellectual explosion. Claire was the director of the video for the song "Genesis", she also created the cover for the album, in which she used lines from the poem by Anna Akhmatova, writing them in Russian.

In 2015, Grimes joined the concert tour of Lana Del Rey, and at the end of the year released "ArtAngels", in the recordings of which were attended by Janelle Monet and Taiwanese rap artist Aristophanes. The album was the most successful creation of the singer. Not as gloomy as the previous one, and more personal and frank, Art Angels topped the top 50 best albums of the year.

The singer spent 2016 on a tour of Asia and Europe, and in 2017 announced the preparation of a new album, the work on which lasted for two years.