Grimes Claims Lil Uzi Vert Asked Her To Produce An EP & Then Ghosted Her

Published At: 21 December 2019 , 02:39 PM

“I think ‘Darkseid’ is from that session.”

While Grimes gears up for her fifth album, Miss Anthropocene, she just released by Beats 1, where she showed that Lil Uzi Vert asked her to create an EP for him—and then ghosted her.

“[Lil Uzi Vert] invited me to compose an EP for him once and then I sent him the WeTransfer, and he never downloaded it. And I was like, ‘Dude, and I spent two weeks on that.’ It hurt my emotions,” she stated. “I believe ‘Darkseid’ is from that gathering. That’s how I have all these mysterious rap beats. It’s good when you can see when they do not download it because then you can like Become mad at them. He hasn’t done my administrator, and I notice it. There’s one day left or whatever to download. Your data have not been downloaded yet.”

As Stereogum points out, this isn’t Grimes’ first place of bad luck on a hip-hop collab. An earlier version of Skrillex and A$AP Ferg’s “Hungry Ham” featured her arranging with the late artist—but her vocals were exchanged with Crystal Caines’ on the final version. There was also her infamous attempt to work with Azealia Banks ending the year.

Elsewhere in the conversation, she mentioned Zane Lowe that she seems good about her forthcoming LP. “I believe this album is greatly sick,” she stated. “This is my favourite album I’ve done. Which is surprising because normally, I hate my work in the year after I’ve done it.” Earlier this year, she spoke to Cultured Magazine that she believed her 2015 album Art Angels had a “piece of crap” and a “spot on my career.”

At one point, the discussion turned to Post Malone, where she performed this hot take: “I believe Post Malone is underrated despite his fantastic popularity, as an artist,” she stated. “I think he’s performed some of my favourite music of the decade.” She also said that she’s a fan of ROSALIA and Doja Cat.

The indie star will feature on the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, and she’ll voice a role named Lizzy Wizzy. “I believe my music fits with Night City because both are scary and pleasant at the same time,” she stated in a video teaser for the game.

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