Gizmo: Biography and music career

Published At: 25 April 2020 , 03:14 PM


Gizmo is an underground rapper who is little known on the world stage but is becoming more and more popular among listeners in the CIS. He became known for his very aggressive style, which is full of real energy and genuine emotions.

The Russian-speaking audience can remember the young American rapper by the new mini joint mini-album with producer Lunar Vision from ZAKAT 99.1, which was released at the beginning of last year. In each new work, a gloomy and deep sound is perfectly combined with the aggressive presentation of the performer, immersing the listener in his rather depressing and pitch atmosphere.

Soul collector

Early this morning, the premiere of the new Gizmo track called "Soul Collector" took place. The overloaded bass line, aggressive reading, and a slightly annoying melody convey the entire vibe of the artist.

Recall that at the end of June, the artist introduced the new album "Venom," the release of which was delayed and postponed for a long time. The album included 15 gloomy and very atmospheric tracks, and the whole release as a whole is literally full of real energy and genuine emotions. It is safe to say that "Venom" is one of the best works in the artist's discography.


About an hour ago, a new track appeared on the Gizmo Soundcloud, recorded with the participation of Ghostemane and called "HEMOGLOBIN." The guys have come together more than once for joint work, and each time they have not upset their fans.

Recall that recently Gost released a joint work with Pharaoh. The composition was called "Blood Oceans (How many?)." A gloomy, aggressive atmosphere is maintained throughout the entire listening time, and the couplets of the artists complement each other perfectly.