GeeGun - Bio, Age, height, Facts and Family

Published At: 29 June 2020 , 07:42 AM

Career: singer, rapper

Date of Birth: August 2, 1985

Age: 34 years

Place of Birth: Odesa, USSR

Family status: married to Oksana Samoilova


Dzhigan (real name - Denis Aleksandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein) is a famous hip-hop artist, father of many children, and just a man who is confident that there is no limit to perfection, and according to his wife, he is also a romantic.

Childhood and youth

The rapper Dzhigan appeared in August 1985 in Odessa in the family of a sailor under the sign of the zodiac Leo. Despite the Jewish surname of his mother, he considers himself a purebred Ukrainian by nationality. Since his father was often abroad, he brought Music to his son as gifts. The boy listened with rapture, singing along to idols.

As a child, Denis accidentally recorded his voice. He liked the result, and he began to record his performance to Music regularly. Since that time, the boy dreamed of singing and composing songs, but for a long time, he could not decide on the genre - he darted between rock and rap.

Denis wrote his first song in the 9th grade, and the presentation of the track took place in the auditorium before school graduates. Soon, such a scene seemed not enough for him, and he decided to hold hip-hop events. The idea to try himself as a DJ came because Dzhigan gathered an impressive audio collection, in which there were about 500 audio cassettes and 2000 discs. Soon, the parties he organized became popular, and the famous MS began to show burning interest in him.

Here Denis needed the stage name Dzhigan or GeeGun. He shaved his head to better match the image of a classic rapper. Since then, the musician no longer grew his hair.

Personal life

Dzhigan's personal life was happy. The musician's wife is the founder of the MiraSezar brand and model Oksana Samoilova, the owner of a successful business, behind which she participated in several advertising campaigns of famous brands and works in Europe. The couple met in a nightclub; a week later, they left to rest on the islands. This time was enough for the rapper to understand that Oksana is the woman of his dreams, and to plan a wedding.

The rapper prefers to keep silent about what happened before creating the family. Still, fans actively discussed his connection with the former member of Dom-2, Erica Kisheva, and the model Nina Lipkina.

Solo career

Dzhigan's creative biography made a sharp turn in December 2013: the artist announced his departure from Black Star Inc. and decided to go on an independent voyage. The singer provided evidence in February 2014: the premiere of his video clip "We Need to Boost" for a new song took place. The single turned into a kind of hymn to a healthy lifestyle, the best sportsmen of European and Russian bodybuilding starred in the video.

Dzhigan, the label and its founder, Timothy, also left Egor Creed and Christina C. A scandal accompanied Their departure. Still, now the artists unanimously declare that they do not hold evil against the former boss.

After starting a career outside Black Star Inc., fans of the rapper received another gift - the song "Take Care of Love", performed in the genres of rhythm and blues and soul. Djigan sang it with Loya. This composition included in the new album "Music. A life".

In 2014, at the Muz-TV. Evolution" Dzhigan was recognized as the best hip-hop project of the year and received the cherished plate. And on June 9, he became the winner of the Fashion People Awards (R & B-Fashion).

The second joint work of Dzhigan and Yulia Savicheva, "There is nothing more to love, " was called a hit before the composition's premiere. The song was broadcast live by Europa Plus, Love Radio, and DFM radio stations and took first place in iTunes. The clip played on the air of television channels of Ukraine, Russia, and the CIS countries.

Jigan now

In May 2019, Dzhigan became a guest of Evening Urgant, where he talked about his work and his acquaintance with the co-founder of OVO Sound label Drake. The singer called him an "awesome kid" and a real professional.

At the end of 2019, Djigan uploaded the new track "Oxygen" to the Network, recorded with the artist Bahh Tee. He also presented a joint song with the duo Artik & Asti "There Can Never Be One" and shot a touching clip on it based on the performers' family photos.

In 2020, the rapper appeared in the editions of the program "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," became a guest of the Comedy Club show, and involved young singer Sofia Berg in the next music video.

Interesting Facts

  • The pseudonym Geegun was born from the word guna pistol (the artist used to carry a weapon for self-defense) and the playful nickname Ou Ji that his friends gave him because he was the only owner of the album of the American singer Ice-T - OG Original Gangster.
  • Dzhigan used to be a professional athlete. At 19, he became a master of sports in kickboxing, a little later - the Ukraine championship in this sport and received 2nd place in the European title. The performer also seriously engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
  • The artist's piggy bank has a soundtrack for the American film: the song "You are the Champion," Dzhigan wrote specially for the comedy "Bouncer."
  • In his youth, the rapper also starred in the movie "Shadow Boxing - 3: The Last Round". This episode can hardly call the star's acting debut, as Denis played himself.
  • Tattoos on the arms and chest of the musician contain Jewish motifs. He also has tattoos in the form of date of birth, an inscription in Hebrew "Let there be light" and "God is always with me." On the back of the musician is a pyramid-shaped figure with an eye on top.