GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ - History of creation

Published At: 06 July 2020 , 07:31 PM


rap group

Date of Birth

The 2014 year


Six years

Place of Birth

Moscow, Russia


At the end of the second decade of the 21st century, a new star shone on the Russian musical horizon. Young hip-hop fans love the GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ duo, which includes the brothers Ilyas and Timur.

History of creation and composition

The group's history began in 2010 when the eldest of the brothers Ilyas Gayazov was 14 years old. In an interview, the duet participants jokingly stated that then all the boys and girls wanted to be rappers, as many now dream of connecting a biography with blogging.

Ilyas chose between the underground and lyrics and stopped in the second direction. Suddenly, a teenager found out that his younger brother also writes poetry. The first songs of the Gayazovs recorded on a Skype microphone. The debut song of the brothers was the single "And if it's a dream."

The mother of the brother-musicians is called Tatyana Alexandrovna. Since each of the guys has a middle name Ikhtiyarovich, it can assume that the performers have Russian-Tatar roots. The Gayazovs has a younger sister, Maria, a girl born in 2007 and is already composing rap in the new school genre.

Tatyana Alexandrovna is a competent authority for the participants of the duet. In front of his mother, the beginning poet Timur Gayazov trembled and hid notebooks with verses under the washing machine. On the advice of Tatyana Alexandrovna, the brothers learned to by paramedics.

Timur's favorite books are Stephen King's 11.22.63 and Philip Dick's Man in a High Castle. Fans are called brothers samurai.


In 2013, Ilyas Gayazov released a solo album, "Love Taste," but at the end of that year, he reunited with Timur. The older brother has the pseudonym Ripman, and the younger one, who previously worked under the names Han and Timur Solo, is Tonbo Tobitake (in honor of the anime character).

The 2017 album "Bring Pure Love Into Fashion" included nine lyrical singles full of heartbreaking intonations. Subsequently, the Gayazovs' music shifted towards a mix of pop melody painted with oriental flavor and rap recitative. The guys consider themselves to be more textual than composers, and they treat beatmakers as full-fledged co-authors.

Ideas of compositions arise in Ilyas, and Timur completes and polishes the singles. The song "See you on the dance floor," created in the summer of 2018, marked the beginning of the new album GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ and became the duet's motto.


2019 was successful for the group. In March, the GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ discography replenished with the album "Credo," which included one and a half dozen songs.

In November, the duo gave a recital in St. Petersburg, and in December - in Moscow. "Muz-TV" shot the Gayazov brothers in the reality show "Place in the Sun" in Bali. Please take me to Deep House was at the top of the Apple Music charts.

In 2020, the guys go international and give a concert in Minsk. Actual photos, posters of duet performances, and fresh videos on the brothers' pages on Instagram and VKontakte.


  • 2017 - "Bring Pure Love Into Fashion."
  • 2018 - "The TWIX."
  • 2019 - The Creed


  • Take Me To The Deep House
  • "Drunk fog."
  • "Credo"
  • "See you on the dance floor."