Gafur (singer): biography, personal life and songs

Published At: 30 July 2020 , 08:00 PM

Name: Ghafoor

place of birth: Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Height Weight: 180 cm, 60 kg

Profession: Musician, songwriter, actor

Family status: Not married

Who is it

This young and charming performer not so long ago "lit up" on the creative horizon. In his arsenal, there are only two songs, but this does not prevent the musician from doing what he loves.

early years

The musician admits that he grew up as a somewhat restless and eccentric child, sometimes he was a hooligan. Gafur's grandmother is a professional singer, so Gafur's relatives expected him to show a passion for music. And so it happened. Since childhood, the boy tried to sing. He did not always succeed, but over time he learned to control his voice.

When the conversation turned about who he would be in adult life, his parents insisted that Gafur study as a dentist. The boy dreamed of entering a pop music college, but his parents asked on their own, and he listened to them.

At the same time, Gpfur communicated with musicians, developed creatively, and began acting in the film. One day a father came to the set and saw that his son was good at acting. Since then, he has become his primary support and support.

Gafur understood that it was time for him to move to Moscow, so he began to earn money for the flight. He opened his own hookah business, which he handed over to his younger brother in the county.


In Moscow, Gafur decided to try himself as a participant in the "Songs" project but did not achieve great success there.

The guy wanted to pursue a solo career. He was advised to write a perfect track that would blow up all the charts. He worked for a long time and wrote the song "Sly Snake."

This track really "shot." Soon the presentation of this track took place. Ghafoor admits that he was worried and understood that he had no right to make a mistake. However, the performance was beautiful, the audience accepted him well; he took a lot of pictures with the fans and gave them autographs.

His second song was "Moon." Clips for the tracks are shot with the highest quality because Gafur understands that a musical product must be treated seriously.

At the moment, he is trying to settle down in Moscow. He lives in a house that a music label gave him along with the rest of the musicians. Their relations are excellent; they live as one big family and help each other.


Ghafoor wants his work to be oriented towards the west. From the age of 3, he listens to Michael Jackson, dances to his songs. During his school years, the young man did this professionally. His most sincere dream is to perform songs by Michael Jackson.

The young man behaves very friendly, communicates with fans, never refuses to be photographed with them, and answer a couple of questions.

In later life, he wants to record a full-fledged album, to develop as an actor. The young man is not afraid of work; he is ready to improve himself continually.

Personal life

The guy mentioned that in Tashkent during his student years, he had a girlfriend. He loved her very much, but for unknown reasons, they broke up. Gafur has not yet wholly cooled off from these relations. Perhaps he will soon talk about this situation in more detail. He dedicated the song "Sly Snake" to his former lover.


Thus, Ghafoor stands at the very beginning of his career. This young man is very disposed to himself; it is pleasant to listen to his songs. He assures that in each of them, he puts a piece of his soul.