G-Eazy: Biography and intereseting facts about him

Published At: 20 March 2020 , 05:48 PM


Gerald Earl Gillum, known by his pseudonym G-Eazy, is an independent rapper and producer from Auckland, California. He took his first steps in music in his student years with his band "Bay Boys," uploading tracks to MySpace. The first significant popularity came to him in 2011 with the single "Runaround Sue," which later appeared on the mixtape "The Endless Summer." The single music video has been watched more than 4 million times. After several years of tours, backed up by mixtapes, EP, and two albums, in 2014, Gerald released the main release of his career - the studio album "These Things Happen," which brought him a big wave of popularity and cemented him in the elite of independent hip-hop. Gerald's style is a modern high-tech sound mixed with the 60s du-wop, and the style of clothes, hairstyles, his manner of behavior, video clips, and texts returned us several decades ago. In 2015, his next album, "When It's Dark Out," was released, which was radically different from the previous one and sold more than 100 thousand copies in the first week.



As a teenager, Gerald was under house arrest for six months with an electronic bracelet on him. He used this time to create music;

He has nicknamed hip-hop James Dean for a hairstyle with back-laced hair and a choice of clothes;

Gillum holds a bachelor's degree in music industry research;

His uncle and aunt had their own rock band, The New Easy Devils. They recorded music and even had professional albums. This had a great influence on Gerald later on;

The Beatles had a great impact on Gerald, as his mother was a fan, and he grew up to the sound of their music.