Foster the People Group: Interesting facts you need to know

Published At: 01 March 2020 , 02:49 PM

Foster the People is the next American pop group. It was founded in 2009. There are many talents in sunny California. A special place is in Los Angeles. At the very beginning, this group had a name that was shared by the union. The full title was Foster & the People. Over time, the musicians decided to remove it.

Hollywood is not just a place where legends are born. They create music and film masterpieces. At one time, very famous producers noticed these guys and immediately promised them fame. Not many people had such opportunities at the start!

Founder Mark Foster had almost nothing when he arrived in the city of angels! He was very young and dreamed of dreams of glory. Since the big city was new to him, after a few years, he performed various compositions on the street to buy drugs. From his personal memoirs, he describes this time as follows: "There was some oblivion. Constant meetings with famous people who liked my songs brought me a small but steady income. For unknown reasons, all the money went to the next dose and alcohol. "Friends, acquaintances, and relatives were so far away that it was very difficult to handle. Mark himself, realizing that he was very talented, did not know how serious this is!

2010 was a real breakthrough for the group. Everyone liked the written hit Pumped Up Kicks so much that at one moment, the members of this collective woke up very famous. That year was the starting point in the severe career of these people. The first studio album was released. In a couple of years, another one. In 2014, with their hits, the group performed at the most famous stages and parties, where people listened to indie rock and indie pop music. Especially important was that many of them were real stars and Foster the People were no exception!

Reason for success

It all lies in the fact that their leader not only visited all nine circles of hell, but he also experienced them for real. This applies not only to drugs but to the whole atmosphere. Constant quarrels with the family, debts, low-paying work are a combination of factors that allowed the formation of a powerful personality. Therefore, Mark Foster and withstood all this. And a friend who became a member of this group helped him in due time.

Mark Pontius truly pulled Foster out of their abyss, and together they found Cabby Fink. If Pontius was a former drummer of Malbec, then the third member played the bass. He was fired from television at that moment, and he needed a job.

In moments of various interviews, they continuously laugh when they remember this. After all, fame literally came in one night, as well as general popularity. And after a few years, they entirely performed with all the popular indie groups on the common stage.

The song, which became a hit of radio stations, was not conceived at all as something dangerous. Pumped Up Kicks released for free access for acquaintances and friends. But the Internet never sleeps! Therefore, after one night, they began to receive calls, letters, and all that. A huge number of people who did not even know about indie music were now its fans. The pressure from fan mail to Mark Foster and his band's inbox was overwhelming. And when they were invited to the South by Southwest festival, many music magazines began to take this trinity seriously!

Among all the awards, the group Foster the People twice received a make-up. For the first time, it was the nomination "Best Pop Group," and the second "Best Alternative Album." To this day, Mark Foster says so, and I still do not believe that my perseverance has rewarded me!