Flatbush Zombies: Biography and music career

Published At: 11 April 2020 , 07:34 PM

Flatbush Zombies BIOGRAPHY

Flatbush Zombies (Flatbush Zombies / Flatbush Zombies) is a New York hip-hop group consisting of Michi Darko, Zombie Jus, and Eric Elliott.

The guys first met in 2010, starting to record self-made songs. The popularity came to them after the release of the video for the track "Thug Waffle," which was immediately watched by several million people. In the same year, they released the DRUGS mixtape , which received a significant response in the hip hop community. In 2013, they released the new mixtape "better off dead", and also recorded a joint track with the duo The Underachievers. In addition, they managed to work with A $ AP Rocky, Joey Bada $$, RZA, Juicy J, Ill Bill and many other artists, and also traveled to major music festivals. In 2014, they teamed up with The Underachievers as the Clockwork Indigo team and released the eponymous EP. In 2016, the guys released another solo album. "3001: A Laced Odyssey ."


The group is named after the Brooklyn Flatbush area;

Together with Pro Era and Underachievers, they form the basis of the Beast Coast movement;

They intend to remain independent and do not enter into contracts with large companies;

Eminem's work is the main inspiration of the team;

They are supporters of natural and environmentally friendly food without chemical impurities;

Still Palm Trees (G – Mix)

The annual feast of all herbalists is approaching. The Flatbush trio ZOMBiES decided on the occasion to release a new version of one of its main hits, dedicated, of course, to the aesthetics of grass smoking.

For this, the guys teamed up with another noble lover of this business. The verses of all participants are new, Erick The Architect made a new beat, the chorus is also changed - in general, this is another full-fledged composition, which will surely fly into the festive playlist.