Faker Are Performing Their First Show In Nine Years Tomorrow

Published At: 03 April 2022 , 01:33 PM

Faker are playing a one-off show tomorrow at Vic On The Park in Marrickville, Sydney.

Sydney fans will be treated to the first show the band has played since 2013, before their return to festivals later this month.

They were originally meant to return at Yours & Owls this weekend before its devastating cancellation due to flooding.

Following their break-up, the band went separate ways creatively. Their creative force, Nathan Hudson, released solo singles, drummer Paul Berryman opened a restaurant and bar and bassist Nic Munnings relocated to an island off the coast of Hong Kong. 

As the pandemic settled, Hudson grew interested in the Faker project again.

Hudson will inaugurate a new era of the band alongside an all-new cast at their show tomorrow.

The group have also teased an announcement for April the 8th.

2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the band's second record, Be The Twilight, which featured massive hit This Heart Attack.

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