EXCLUSIVE: The Clouds’ Jodi Phillis Drops Lead Track From Forthcoming Album

Published At: 30 April 2022 , 11:00 PM

It’s a big day for Aussie singer-songwriter Jodi Phillis, who reveals a new single alongside news of a forthcoming album.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist of '90s Sydney indie-pop darlings The Clouds, Phillis’ latest solo offering, It's Not Love, is some of her strongest work to date.

Premiering via The Music, It's Not Love is just a taste of forthcoming LP We Need To Be Free, which sees Phillis expressing themes of transformation through pain and loss, universal and cosmic themes of love and transcendence and deeply human stories tracking her own internal journey.

“The songs from We Need To Be Free evolved from a long writing period which started straight after releasing Becoming in 2018,” Phillis explained. “That album was all about grief and transformation and the different emotions and stages I went through after both my parents died from cancer.

We Need To Be Free deals with the aftermath of stepping into the new person that I have become due to that loss. It is too huge a thing to explain in a few sentences, but that experience really cracked me open like a fucking coconut.

“You never truly get over these things, but you can learn to live differently. You can’t help but see the world in a new way. I realise that life is short and the only way to live it is to be true to yourself….to get yourself free…one cannot betray one’s soul."

It’s Not Love arrives alongside a stunning video by award-winning film-maker Jasmin Tarasin, who described it as: “Four women, a sisterhood working together to transform themselves into powerful, loving beings who embody wisdom, compassion, connection and strength…leading the way in this world without force, without fear.”

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