Eminem Wants To Be Compared To Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., & 2Pac On Griselda’s “Bang (Remix)”

Published At: 02 December 2019 , 03:40 PM

He earlier name-checked all three rappers on "'Till I Collapse."

Griselda, the Buffalo hip-hop trio consisting of Conway, the Machine, Benny the Butcher, and Westside Gunn—just released W.W.C.D. beneath Shady Records. Generally, Eminem himself performed an impression on the closing track, "Bang (Remix)," wherever he casts a wide net with his hip-hop sources.

In particular, he needs to be compared to Nas.

But in that industry, I'm the originator of a lot of envy

Em has created "The Cross" off Nas' album God's Son. The latter moved out to the Shady Records head to collaborate on a remix of "Daughters," but the team-up did not end up occurring. "I wanted Eminem for a remix for 'Daughters,'" Nas earlier said, according to Complex, "but he had previously stated that he'd spoken so much about his daughter during his career that he had made that subject too much."

Elsewhere on the Beat Butcha and Daringer composed remix of Conway's "Bang," Eminem corresponds Iggy Azalea to Milli Vanilli:

Dont compare me to this Iggy bitch

Or all that fuckin' Milli Vanilli hip-hop

This isn't the first time he referenced the Australian singer, as her name appeared in last year's Kamikaze opener "The Ringer."

I should propose at everybody in the contest, pick a name

Now-deleted tweets, Azalea replied to the 2018 cut:

Diss lyrics shouldn't be filled with star name drops to pad out lazy bars.

That's my honest opinion from a girl that viewed this guy set and sung the words in the crowd. I'd consider it regardless.

One of the most prominent to do it, I'm NOT in the debate about that. But I do recall the name dropping everything has become a crotch.

Em further references his earlier feuds with Canibus and Ja Rule on the original version of "BANG."

During October, Em undertook homophobia with Joyner Lucas on "What If I Was Gay."

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