Eminem: Biography and music career

Published At: 01 February 2020 , 12:01 PM


Eminem was born in the small town of Kansas City, Missouri, in a dysfunctional family. Eminem's parents were members of a local music group. Father threw Marshall with his mother when he was about six months, and since then, Eminem has never met him.

Marshall's mother, Debbie Nelson, steadily moved from one place to another, so Eminem's childhood passed in a trailer in endless travels from Missouri to Michigan. Eminem often lived with relatives, with his mother's brother Ronnie, to whom he became very attached. Uncle was a little older than Eminem himself.

Eminem and his mother settled in Detroit, in the Eastside area with a predominantly African-American population. Marshall had difficulty communicating with black peers: due to constant battles and bullying, Eminem had to change school every two to three months. Marshall once beat so severely, that he was in a coma for several days. Of course, all this experience could not but affect the future work of the rapper.

In 1984, Marshall and his mother returned to Kansa City, where he again met with Uncle Ronnie, who was a rap fan. It was he who had a significant influence on the subsequent work of Eminem. In 1987, Uncle Marshall presented his nephew with a cassette of the artist Ice T - Reckless, which changed all of Marshall's ideas about music. He was seriously interested in rap music and realized that he would devote his life to her. Marshall takes the name Eminem - consists of the first letters of his name and surname Marshall Mathers - and at the age of 15 he founded his first rap group.

star way

Over 90 million copies of the albums of Eminem, one of the best-selling musicians of the early 2000s and one of the most popular rappers, have been sold worldwide. Eminem opened for prominent show business rapper and producer Dr. Dre. Since then, the musicians began to work together, things in the beginner Eminem, hiding under the pseudonym Slim Shady, went up the hill. Slim Shady was born unexpectedly. Eminem picked up first that came into his head. Slim Shade is a vile provocateur, the dark side of Marshall's soul, arising from a combination of the tragic circumstances of his life.

In 1996, Eminem recorded his first album Infinite. However, he did not bring success. Eminem has explained, that the Infinite was the work, during which he wanted to find out, what style will serve and how it will sound.

Eminem's second record, The Marshall Mathers LP, appeared in the spring of 2000. This album is a rapper dedicated to the memory of his beloved friend - Uncle Ronnie, who committed suicide.

In 2002, there is an autobiographical film "Eight Mile" in which the rapper Eminem plays in poverty Jimmy Smith. The film was a success both financially, and in the responses of viewers, and the soundtrack Lose Yourself Marshall brought "Oscar". In 2011, Eminem became one of the most-watched artists on the YouTube channel. At the moment, his total views make up almost two million 000. Also, the rapper has become the first in the history of man, who managed to get more than 61 million human "sympathy" in the social network Facebook, beating while Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Personal life

In 15 years in the school hallway, Marshall saw her - a girl, which destined to become his wife and the mother of his child twice. Kimberly Scott became the love of his life. Once, Uncle Ronnie shot himself with a shotgun, Marshall left the music and fell into a deep depression. But after some time, Kim announced that she was expecting a baby, and this brought the rapper back to life.

The Christmas Day, December 25, 1995, Eminem daughter Hayley ( at that time, Eminem and his wife have not registered, they were married only in 1999).

The first time the couple filed for divorce was already a year after a secret wedding, and five years later, in January 2006, they got married again. However, in December of that year, the couple parted ultimately, and Eminem in an interview gave the vow never to marry again.

Earlier, Eminem adopted two children: Kimberly Whitney's daughter from another man and Alainu, Kimberly's sister's daughter.