Elle King: Biography and music career

Published At: 27 February 2020 , 03:35 PM

Elle King or Tanner El Schneider. She was born in Los Angeles on July 3 in 1989, in California, USA. He is the daughter of the famous actor, Rob Schneider. Engaged in a singing career. At the moment, the girl is 29 years old, and she weighs 81 kilograms with a height of 168 centimeters.

El King adheres to several styles of music: country, soul, rock, and blues. She released her debut album in 2012 with the track "Playing for Keeps." He immediately became a favorite on the VH-1 channel.

early years

As already mentioned, El Schneider was born in Los Angeles. But her parents soon divorced, and mother El took the girl to a small town in southern Ohio. It was located between the cities of Wellston and Columbus.

When El was nine years old, her stepfather gave her the album of the female punk rock band "The Donnas." It was a crucial moment when El realized that she wanted to become a musician. Subsequently, her favorite bands were Blondie and The Runaways.

At age 13, King began to play the guitar, inspired by music icons such as Johnny Cash, AC / DC, "Yeah Yeah Yeahs", Otis Ray Redding and others. A passion for country music pushed El to learn to play the banjo. As a teenager, she spent the summer every year at Buck's Rock Camp, where she performed successfully with her songs.

Gaining popularity

At the age of 16, El King began touring New York clubs, using fake documents, to be able to speak on the wall. King, every year more and more honed his skills. El released her first single, "Good To Be A Man," on March 13, 2012.

In June of the same year, El released her debut album, The Elle King EP, which had four songs. One of the songs, "Playing for Keeps," became a splash screen for the VH-1 channel. Esquire Magazine was named Recommended Artist for Listening in 2012.

In 2015, King released the album Love Stuff. The song "Ex's & Oh's" from this album soared to tenth place in the hit chart "Billboard Hot 100". This song won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. In 2018, the release of her new album was announced, which is being created jointly with the band "The Brethren."

Personal life El King

In January 2016, El King began dating Andrew Ferguson. They married on February 14, 2016, but a year later, in May, the couple decided to divorce. At the moment, it is known that they have so far decided to keep their marriage and maintain a relationship.