Ed Marquis: Biography and music career

Published At: 18 February 2020 , 06:32 PM

Ed Marquis was initially famous as an athlete who performs various stunts on a skateboard, but then this guy decided to prove himself as a DJ.

Before popularity

Ed's life can be called the most ordinary. He was a simple guy, the only child in the family, studied at school, loved to ride a skateboard. Due to the fact that his parents had financial difficulties, the guy had to find out what work is early.

He stood on the board in his teens and never thought that this occupation would become the meaning of his life. However, he was very good at performing tricks that his friends decided to record on video. The rollers quickly dispersed in narrow circles, and soon they leaked into the network, it was then that this charming dark-skinned guy found out what glory was.


On the Internet and social networks, videos have often begun to appear in which Ed brilliantly performs one or another difficult trick. Soon, he decided to create his profile on Instagram, where he shares photos and videos with his subscribers. At the moment, his audience is about 6 thousand people.

More often among the subscribers of Ed, you can see professional skaters or those who are interested in this sport, but the young man decided to expand the audience of fans.

To do this, he decided to try himself in the field of DJ skills. He is silent about where and how he learned to mix music so cool. At the moment, on the Internet, you can find only one of his works, a remix of the song of the popular western singer Rihanna. At the same time, Ed is not going to stop there.

Personal life

The guy does not spread about matters of his personal life since he believes that this information is not intended for a wide audience and someone’s idle gossip.

Interesting Facts

  1. In addition to music and sports, Ed loves the art of photography and is especially attracted to retro photos and macro photos.
  2. Ed monitors his appearance, hairstyle and fashion trends since it is important for him to look good in the frame.
  3. In addition to the skateboard, Ed also masters bicycle stunts.


Thus, this guy can be called a versatile and developed personality, and he does not doubt that he will soon become even more popular.