Dua Lipa: Biography and music career

Published At: 03 February 2020 , 08:45 AM


The creative biography of Dua Lipa is impressive: a rising star of British show business, a singer of dark pop songs, quickly gained a place in the sun. The compositions in her performance sound on the air of world radio stations and some of the songs delayed in the top.

Singer Dua Lipa

By some magic, almost all singles automatically turn into hits. On the artist's account, there is already an album sold in the circulation of 1.5 million copies, and cooperation with famous representatives of the music world.

Childhood and youth

Dua Lipa was born in 1995 in the capital of England, where her Albanian parents moved from Kosovo a little earlier. The name of the girl carefully chosen: Dua translated as "I love" or "I want". When the future pop star turned 12 years old, the family returned to their homeland. But after three years, the girl decided to leave again for London, where significant opportunities for creativity opened up. In the city of her childhood, Dua settled with friends.

Dua Lipa in childhood and adolescence

Lipa grew up in a musical environment. Father Dukagin Lipa is a rock singer in the past; her daughter loved to listen to his songs and also dreamed of a singing career. But in the school choir, the teachers rejected the girl's "low and ugly" voice. She continued to study vocal at home, at the same time she went to the theater studio, where she taught to feel confident on the stage.

At 16, a girl with a bright appearance, tall and slender (her height is 173 cm, and weight 58 kg), became a model, participated in promotions, starred in promotional videos and television commercials.

Music and creativity

Dua Lipa stubbornly walked towards the dream. As a teenager, she began to record covers of popular hits, which she posted on the YouTube video hosting. The girl rehashed her favorites Christina Aguilera, Pink, Nelly Furtado.

Dua Lipa's song "Be The One."

The first author's demo track called "New Love" was released when she turned 20 years old. Soon, Dua presented the audience with the second single "Be The One", which hit the top ten popular songs in 11 countries of Europe. This song helped the singer create Lucy "Pose" Taylor.

In 2015, the young performer began writing the first album, in which the song "Be The One" became the only one whose authorship belongs to an outside person. She got into the release because Lipa fell in love.

Singer Dua Lipa

Representatives of show business struck by the rapid ascent of Albanian music Olympus. With the release of "Be The One", each next song of the young artist immediately appeared on the top of the charts, and the performer herself was called one of the promising singers. Dua Lipa directly nominated to the list "Sound of ...", in 2016 she already went on a big tour of Europe, including the cities of Great Britain.

At the beginning of 2017, Dua along with a young but already famous DJ from the Netherlands, Martin Garrix, recorded the track "Scared To Be Lonely". The young musicians raised the theme of loneliness in a song together.

Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix song "Scared To Be Lonely."

A little later, the fans presented a clip for this composition, where both lit. Music lovers noted the professionalism of the musicians and the incredible sensuality of the video clip. On the first day, a million YouTube users watched it.

By the middle of the year, Lipa presented the fans with their debut album. I didn't think about the name for a long time - the disc bears the name of the singer "Dua Lipa". At the same time, there was another breakthrough in his career. The song "New Rules" has become a great hit, confidently taking first place in the English charts.

Dua Lipa Song "New Rules"

Thus, the performer managed to repeat the success of the singer Adele, whose song "Hello" in 2015 was the leader on the radio stations - in two years only these female performers managed to climb so high. In the summer, a billion new "residents" of the Network watched the New Rules video. The popularity of the song spread far beyond the borders of the UK, the single hit the top radio stations in a dozen countries.

In general, 2017 was a busy year for Lipa. The girl invited to participate in the main event of the musical year in England - in the Glastonbury Festival. And in December, the singer became the winner of the Spotify streaming audio service rating: UK music lovers most often listened to her work.

Personal life

For a long time, the girl's own life remained hidden from prying eyes. Fans were gossiping that Harry Styles from One Direction had a tender feeling for Lipe, but the singer allegedly did not reciprocate. Fans also attributed the idol to novels with Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay, who helped create one of the songs for the girl. They said that Dua met with Martin Garrix. Assumptions have not confirmed.

Dua Lipa and Paul Klein

In 2017, Lipa revealed the cards: Paul Klein, a member of the Lany band from Los Angeles, became the chosen one. However, the romance lasted several months. Now, it seems that the heart of the Albanian beauty is free, the press, like her page on Instagram, are silent.

The artist loves tattoos, by the age of 20, five drawings had already appeared on the girl's body. This is not going to stop. At the dawn of glory, Dua Lipa began to engage in charity work - along with her father, the singer organized a fund to help residents of Kosovo.

Dua Lipa now

2018 began with triumph: Dua Lipa won the BRIT Awards in two categories. The girl was named the best British solo artist and "The best British breakthrough of the year."

In the spring it became known that Lipa had begun work on the second studio album. This time, the assistant was Nigerian, the British singer and songwriter Uzo Emanike, familiar to music lovers under the pseudonym MNEK.

Dua Lipa in 2018

The girl has already collaborated with a pop star - together the guys wrote the song "IDGAF". Lipa often works with third-party musicians. In April, for example, she presented her new single, "One Kiss," to which Scottish singer Calvin Harris had a hand.