Dotan harpenau: biography, Singer

Published At: 12 August 2020 , 07:40 PM

Name: Dotan harpenau

Date and place of birth: October 26, 1986, Jerusalem

Height Weight: 182 cm, 72 kg

Profession: Pop singer, musician, performer

Family status: Not married

Who is it

Listeners fall in love with the music of this artist literally from the first notes. His work has not left anyone indifferent.

early years

The future musician was born in Israel, but soon his family moved to Amsterdam, where he still lives. Dothan's parents are American ex-pats.

He early became interested in music, poetry, theatrical art. The boy's parents were pleased about this, as they dreamed that their son would grow up as a highly cultured person. As a teenager, Dothan decided that he would become an actor and act in films and act in the theater. At school, he successfully studied in a theater studio, and then entered a specialized college, where he studied performing arts and philosophy.

The teachers taught him not only professional skills but also the correct, as it seemed to him, outlook on life and the artist's profession in general.


When Dothan became a professional actor, he realized that it was not enough for him to play roles in films, get money, and put it in a bank account. An artist needs to unite other people with his art, to bring beauty to the world. For several years he gave free concerts on the street, always gathering a crowd of enthusiastic spectators. Since 2014, he has been regularly releasing his music. Soon he was able to organize his songs and record a full-length album called "Home." Thanks to this, his songs began to sound on Dutch radio stations, and the album received platinum and gold status in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2015, the song "Hungry" reached number two in the music charts.

In 2016, the singer organized a big concert tour, "7 Layers Sessions". He also promotes the creativity of young and talented musicians. Even his songs are heard in many movies and television series, as well as in some television programs and reality shows.

In 2018, there were rumors that this musician created additional accounts and composed false information about himself to increase his activity on the Internet. Fictitious meetings occupied a separate place with female fans. However, the musician then admitted his mistake and publicly apologized. He deleted fake accounts and completely stopped such activity on his social networks.


Fans love Dothan's work for its soft, gentle, and very soulful performance style. It is noticeable that he makes music not only for fame or money. She occupies a special place in his life and worldview. The musician also claims that creative pursuits allow him to feel free and peaceful.

For support, regular inspiration, and faith in him, he never ceases to thank his parents and other numerous relatives.

Personal life

At the moment, the musician is alone. He explains this because he has not yet found the lady of his heart with whom he would like to start a family and have children. Of course, he does not deny intrigues or one-time meetings with girls, but he does not raise them to the rank of serious.


Thus, the musician under the pseudonym Dotan is trying to change the world for the better with his creativity, give people inspiration and pleasure, and not do only a commercial project.