Dope DOD: Biography and music career

Published At: 21 April 2020 , 02:20 PM


Dope DOD (Dope Di Ou Di) is a Dutch hip hop band consisting of Skits Vicious, Jay Reaper and Dopey Rotten. They make hardcore hip hop with bright electro-dubstep sound.

The group was formed in 2006, in 2008 their first release “Fountain of Death” was released, giving them their first fame on the local stage. After several promotional releases in 2011, their first studio album “Branded” was released, thanks to the singles “What Happened” and Redrum, which received great publicity. Also thanks to a fit with Sean Price, the band is spotted in America. In 2013, the album “Da Roach” was released, further expanding the fan base of artists. In 2015, Dopey Rotten left the band for health reasons, but the remaining members continue to actively record new tracks.


The “What Happened” clip currently has over 20 million views on YouTube;

Dope DOD stands for Dope Duo of Darkness;


One of the most anticipated new products of this summer: the long-awaited Collab of Dirty Ramirez and Dope DOD has appeared on the Web today. And, as expected, this is a real gap for 

Come on, fuck. It happened!

Give Me Your Life

The fathers of the dirty underground are back. The legendary band DOPE D. o. D. didn’t just return, they managed to kill Trump, Lil Pampa, Instagram and a bunch of everything in one track. Apparently, the old people are bored with the current situation in the industry, and they returned to show who is who.