DJ Kantik: Biography and music career

Published At: 20 February 2020 , 07:22 PM

DJ Kantik is a world-famous DJ. He wrote a lot of tracks that sound in all clubs in Europe and America.

Life before popularity

Born in a small Turkish city. From a young age, he was interested in music. Parents approved these hobbies. He studied at a regular school. He entered music school.


Fame overtook the person in 2018. He released his first single, "Kul." He conquered the hearts of millions. At first, it was in demand only in Turkey. Soon entered the world stage.

The guy's potential was fully revealed with the release of the album "Deeper." He had a focus on the western market. 

The artist decided to conquer Europe with his dance music. He did it.

The record contains 13 tracks. All of them are DJ dance sets. Similar music can be heard in any Russian club. However, it is made by the head better.

It is felt that Kantik approaches with love for his work. With the help of sincerity, the creator can win the heart of any listener.

The author is working on creating new compositions. Often rides around Europe with concerts. His work is in great demand and deserves the attention of everyone who loves to dance.

Personal life

Nothing is known about the artist's own life. Most likely, he is single. The author gives himself entirely to creativity. For him, dance music is an art and not just entertainment.

Interesting Facts

For a long time, Kantik performed on opening acts in Turkish clubs. One of these concerts gave a significant impetus to his career as a famous producer noticed him.

He writes music on his own. Trying to avoid collaborative work, as they can spoil the "ideological kernel of the work."

In ordinary life, he is a calm and balanced person. 

I was trying to avoid conflict situations. Prefers the privacy of a large company.