Dizaster: Biography and Interesting facts about him

Published At: 24 March 2020 , 03:34 PM


Dizaster is an American battle Ramsey of Lebanese descent, known for its emotional, aggressive style and abundant use of freestyle. Dizaster participated in the leagues of GrindTime, KOTD, URL, Don't Flop, and many others, and also participated in battles against Canibus and Cassidy.

He began to battle in the mid-2000s, by 2008, joining the Grind Time. There he became one of the main participants and won several high-profile victories over The Saurus, Illmaculate, Arsonal. A really big breakthrough for him was the battle with Canibus at KOTD in 2012, where Dizaster was the winner and, in the same year, became the champion of KOTD.

In 2013, he suffered a series of setbacks, he could not defend his champion title and then lost to Pat Stay, trying to get it again. In 2014, he was expelled from King of the Dot for a fight with Math Hoffa. However, he participated in the show Total Slaughter, and in 2015 he battled with Cassidy.

By 2017, the Designer began to gain popularity in the Russian-speaking community due to the call to the battle of the most significant artist in the CIS, Oxymoron. In their October battle, judging by the almost unambiguous assessment of Russian and American viewers, it was Miron who won, which became a sensation.

After losing, Diz not only continued communication with his rival but also came to Russia and Ukraine, where he performed on the same stage with him during a large-scale stadium tour. For our fans, he was also remembered for several viral commercials.


Dizaster is one of the most-watched battle rappers in the world. He is also among the top 5 rappers in the United States in the number of battles held;

In 2014, at a battle against Math Hoffa, Disaster fought a fight, as a result of which he was excommunicated from the King of the Dot league and was forced to pay a fine for broken equipment;

In 2012-2013, Dizaster was the champion of King of the Dot, lost his title to Arcane;

He did not study at school: he skipped a lot and then decided to quit altogether;

The real name of the artist is Bashir Yagami;

Dizaster repeatedly battled in Europe, in particular in England, Sweden, Germany. He also challenged Russian rapper Oxxxymiron to battle in 2015;

During the war in his homeland, 6-year-old Bashir and his family moved to Lebanon - a state in the Middle East that borders Syria and Israel;

The first recording at the studio, Yagami made at the age of 16. Around that time, he began to earn money as a taxi driver, so that there was money for living and work;