Dima Bilan - Top Singer Biography

Published At: 05 June 2020 , 10:20 AM

Career: actor, movie, singer

Date of Birth: December 24, 1981

Age: 38 years

Place of Birth: Ust-Dzheguta, USSR

Height: 182

Family status: not married


The biography of Dima Bilan is an exciting story about how an ordinary Kabardian boy from a small town reached unprecedented heights in Russian show business. The main breakthrough in the career of the performer was the victory at Eurovision 2008, which up to this point, not a single Russian performer has been able to make.

Childhood and youth

Dima Bilan was born on December 24, 1981, in the family of an engineer and social worker. In the family, the future artist had representatives of different nationalities - Russians, Tatars, and Karachais. The next idol was born in the small town of Ust-Dzhegut (Karachay-Cherkessia). The real name of Dima is Belan, and the name is Victor Nikolaevich.

In addition to Victor, two daughters, Anna and Elena, growing up in the Belan family. Later, the family of the future star moved to Kabardino-Balkaria and settled in the city of Maisky.

Further, the biography of Dima Bilan replenished with a diploma from the Gnesins State Music College, and then the acting faculty of GITIS.

Personal life

The personal life of Dima Bilan excites millions of fans. In his youth, the singer met with the model Lena Kuletskaya. The relationship captivated the artist, so he publicly announced that if he wins the Eurovision Song Contest, he will marry Elena. However, the performer did not keep his word; the wedding never took place. This romance did not end with anything, and the couple broke up.

Who owns the heart of an excellent groom is unknown. Fans often attribute to a man a relationship with prominent representatives of show business, and some even suggest that the singer returned to his ex-girlfriend, but does not publicly disclose this. Perhaps the fan's fantasy was also the alleged romance with the artist's long-time acquaintance - opera singer Julia Lima, who worked as a backing vocalist with Dima some time ago. Photos appeared on social networks with the performer, and fans immediately started talking about a romance between celebrities. Nevertheless, there were no comments from the artist.

Bilan's secrecy made the yellow press disseminate publications about the artist's orientation, and detractors often called him gay. The singer himself does not comment on such a stir around his name.

In 2014, information appeared on the Web about a certain Inna Andreeva, whom Dima met through his sister Elena back in the early 2000s. A girl from Anapa, she worked as a gymnastics instructor. Relations with them were not natural. According to Bilan's sister, Inna repeatedly returned to her small homeland, then again came to Moscow. The novel ended with a breakup.

The life and career of a tall (height 180 cm, weight 75 kg), sports artist is watched by millions of fans on social networks Instagram and Twitter. There, the singer shares personal and working photos. Both accounts have officially verified. Dima also has a specific page on VKontakte. In July 2018, the artist posted an emotional post on Instagram, where he wrote that he was thinking about a radical change of residence. The singer also shared that he is not going to have a wife and children yet. Dima told fans that he was not ready to enter into a serious relationship and let someone into his inner world.

Earlier on the Web, information was spread about Bilan's romance with former members of the Voice, Julia Tereshchenko. Similar rumors appeared when the artist posted on a personal page a stock photo with the girl. But later it turned out that this was only a meeting of old friends.

Later, the fans became convinced that the newly chosen one of the singers was the performer Polina Gudieva. When Dima shared a picture where female legs were visible, fans thought about several candidates, but they agreed on Polina.

Interestingly, Bilan is on the list of the most gambling celebrities. It is the opinion of Forbes magazine. According to the publication, Dima devotes a lot of free time to gambling. Dima Bilan is considered one of the wealthiest Russian celebrities. According to the same Forbes magazine for 2017, the singer was in 5th place with an income of $ 6 million.

This annual salary allows the star to do his own business. So, in the summer of 2018, the artist boasted of his "brainchild": a man opened a hotel, which received a 3-star classification and intended for a budget holiday.

Films and TV projects

Dima Bilan is actively involved in television projects. In 2012, the singer became the mentor of the popular show of the First Channel "Voice" for adult participants. In 2014, the television project "Voice. Children", in which Dima Bilan also acted as a mentor. Colleagues for the new show were Pelageya and Maxim Fadeev, who, in the 3rd season was replaced by Leonid Agutin.

In 2016, Bilan became a mentor of the Voice show for adult participants. It turned out to be the 5th season, the judicial seats with the singer shared by Polina Gagarina, Grigory Leps, and Leonid Agutin.

Dima Bilan now

Dima continues to expand his video library with clips of songs from new and unreleased albums. In 2019, he released several works - videos on the tracks "Ocean" and "About White Roses."

The text of the composition used phrases from the iconic hits of that time - "White Roses," "Siberian Frosts," "Yellow Tulips," "Music Tied Us," and others. In this style, the track "Midnight Taxi" was created.

The public warmly received Bilan's new songs. Now many fans expect from the idol replenishment of the discography with an album in the style of the 80–90s. At the ceremony of presenting the Topical Style Awards, held at the Seagull restaurant, Dima recognized as the most stylish artist of the year.