Dibiase: Biography and music career

Published At: 25 March 2020 , 03:25 PM

Dibiase Biography

Dibiase is from Los Angeles, California. Its area Watts in the south of the sunny city, many call the ghetto. 

Dibi's production mixes sounds from 8-bit video games, highly seductive souls, and raw drums. Not a single sample is safe from this guy, and there are no restrictions and laws in music for him. He became a champion in beatmaker battles 12 times and was a winner at the Los Angeles Red Bull BIG TUNE BATTLE 2010. He initially started making beats in 95 on an eight eight-second sampler and a device like BOSS dr. Rhythm drum machine (today the best-known division of this company is Roland), a separate complement to its rhymes, which became more acute over time.

Acquisition of MPC 2000 and Label Work

At the end of 1997, the MPC 2000 and 4 track Tascam were in the hands of. With the help of which he did many dirty projects with his homies Ant Dog and SWAMP 7. Spending sleepless nights in the garage, they learned from their mistakes, not having teachers and wings to break into the "musical elite." Around 1998, Dibi felt comfortable presenting his music to such a label as "PROJECT BLOWED," although he was already on the "GOOD LIFE" and "THE OG UNITY" labels. In general, complete insanity began. He received a good response from the guys from PROJECT BLOWED, which undoubtedly gave impetus to his further development.


Then, from 2000 to 2004, he merged with Aspect 1 and became part of the Missin Page Crew. Together, they felled in support of MF Doom, GZA, Living Legends, J Zone, and several other famous artists. In 2005, he began to pay more attention to making music, performing at numerous battles among beatmakers, and attending a weekly hangout for his own, called "Sketchbook." It was the mecca of the Los Angeles beat-scene, where it all started. He came with his faithful boom box, and they had a round table for beats there, where Ras G, Kutmah, Fly Lo, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Taarach, Take, Gas Lamp, Sacred came every week with cassettes or CDs with what they did in a week. At the same time, he worked with Pusher Price, who also had parties.

Introducing MC Decay and Green Llamas

At the end of 2007, MS Decay from Chicago contacted him, saying that he was delighted with his track "Mario Gaxaly," which was freely available on the myspace page. He introduced him to Selfish, with whom he worked hard for a year. For a long time, they thought that Dibiase was only involved in making music, and no one even got into his ability to read until he released the Black Mantis EP.