David Guetta: Biography and music career

Published At: 08 February 2020 , 04:03 PM


The development of science and technology often reflected in culture. For example, the advent of technology that allows you to record and play video and sound led to the emergence of cinema, and the arrival of synthesizers has further expanded the boundaries of the possibilities of musicians. It is not surprising that in this situation, some professions disappeared, while others had to transform to somehow survive in the harsh world of competition.

Among these professions is the profession of a DJ. Popular today, David Guetta in the mid-eighties put music records in a particular order at local parties, and today he makes millions of dollars by writing hit tracks. However, as almost forty years ago, David calls himself a DJ.

Childhood and youth

Getta was born in the capital of France. This event took place on November 7, 1967. The boy became the third child in the family of a Belgian and a Moroccan Jew - before that, the couple had already acquired a son Bernard and a daughter Natalie. Parents named their third child David Pierre - later Getta will refuse to use the other name, and the first will re-edit in the American manner.

David Guetta

The boy became interested in music early. Therefore it is not surprising that at the age of fifteen he was a regular at local discos, and a couple of years later he put on music at similar events in the capital club Broad club.

It isn't effortless to say for sure how long it would have lasted if David had not heard on the radio a track that changed his life at the age of twenty. It was a composition by American DJ Rude by Farley Kit, written in the then-new genre of house. Getta realized that he wanted to create something like this, and began to implement his plans. He presented his first compositions to the world in 1988.


In 1990, David, as a producer, along with his old friend, French rapper Sindey, released their debut album Rap Nation, which became a hit on a local scale. Four years later with vocalist Fingers, Inc. Getta released the track "Up and Away", which also became a high-profile event in his circles and led to David becoming the manager of the Palace nightclub.

In the period from 1996 to 2002, the DJ and his wife involved in organizing and conducting events of various scales and themes - in which, by the way, he did well.

In June 2002, Guetta, with the support of Virgin Records, Richard Branson's label, released his debut album, titled "Just a Little More Love". The disc contained 13 compositions, most of which created with the participation of Barbara Tucker, Chris Willis and Juan Rosophore. All tracks were written in the genre of house or electro-house. The album was not a hot new year, but David did not stop it.

Two years later, the DJ released his second album "Guetta Blaster", in which, in addition to the house, Getta decided to play on the electro-clash field. The experiment turned out to be successful - of the twelve compositions of the album, three became the leaders of the charts, and one - a kind of anthem of the house genre (we are talking about "The World Is Mine").

This followed by remixes of the hits of David Bowie and The Egg, which became no less popular than the original compositions.

On June 18, 2007, Getta presented her third album. In the original edition of Pop Life, there were 13 tracks. However, the album was published in various editions, in which the number of bonus tracks varied.

David Guetta

Also, the third album marked by a large number of collaborations with other artists. The results of such work were the hits "Every time We Touch" and "Baby When the Light".

Next year, David and his wife will organize a concert Unighted - a large-scale musical event, in which, in addition to Getty himself, Frenchman Martin Solveig, Englishman Karl Cox, Dutch Tiesto and many other outstanding figures of the genre appeared.

In 2009, Guetta began to conduct his radio show on the expanses of Internet radio stations, which he continues to do to this day.

David Guetta at the remote

In August 2009, the next DJ disc "One Love" was released, and the following year its updated re-release of "One More Love", in which the number of tracks changed from 15 to 18. This time, David managed to work with Akon, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Kid Cudi, as well as other bands and artists. The hits of "One Love" were "Memories" and "Sexy Bitch".

This was followed by the Grammy Award, which David received on January 31, 2010, in Los Angeles, as well as getting into the top three TOP-10 DJs according to the authoritative English edition Dj Magazine.

The following year brought the musician's fans a new album - "Nothing But The Beat", consisting of 12 tracks. A year later, a reissue will be released in which the number of tracks unexpectedly increases to 21.

The fifth disc pleased fans with the joint work of David with Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Sia and other equally famous artists. The hits of "Nothing But The Beat" were "Titanium", "Turn Me On" and "Play Hard". Filmed on the last of the listed songs, the clip has almost a billion views on YouTube.

The latest DJ album for today released in late November 2014. As in the case with the previous one, the record marked by a large number of guest compositions, which formed the basis of "Listen". Almost all the tracks managed to conquer the heights of the international charts. However, the best performance was observed in the songs "Dangerous", "Bang My Head" and, of course, "Hey Mama".

Personal life

From 1992 to 2014, Guetta was married to a girl named Katie (the name is unknown), who gave birth to David in 2004, Tim Elvis's son Eric, and in 2007 - Angie's daughter.

After the divorce, David began dating Cuban fashion model Jessica Ledon, a relationship with whom has been going on for three years now.

David Guetta now

On September 18, 2017, the musician uploaded the trailer for his upcoming European tour, which will be held in 2018, on the Network. On November 2, a video (not a clip) for the new song "Dirty Sexy Money" appeared on the official Getta channel.

David Guetta and Justin Bieber

Also, the year 2017 marked for David by working together with Justin Bieber - "2U", as well as receiving another award from MTV, as evidenced by the DJ's photo posted on Instagram.