Daria Chebanova: Biography and Music career

Published At: 02 March 2020 , 02:36 PM

Daria Chebanova is a well-known Russian performer and ex-member of the Silver group. She was born on September 1 (according to the horoscope of Virgo) in 1990 in Nizhny Novgorod. Her height is about 164 centimeters and weighs 54 kilograms. The surname in girlhood - Shashina.

Daria was born in a very ordinary family, where her favorite music has always sounded. From early childhood, Dasha was fond of musical creativity, since her parents had special education and worked in this field. As Daria herself said, her grandmother once worked as a concertmaster at the local conservatory, and her father graduated from this conservatory and began working as an arranger and music composer. As for her mother, she was an excellent violinist; in her youth, she graduated from a music school, but in the end, she decided to devote her life to children. In addition to Daria herself, her younger sister Tatyana was also brought up in the family. Two years after the birth of Tanya, the girl's parents soon divorced and went on different roads. 

After a short period of time, Darya's mother marries again, but this time for an Englishman who worked in Russia under a special contract. It is for this reason that the whole family soon moved to England. True, the relationship of the mother did not last long, and the woman, together with the children, decides to return to her hometown again. There, Daria enters the local conservatory and, at the same time, ends English courses. So, after graduation, the girl moves to America and continues to study there. At that time, she had to work as a model, as well as sing in a local restaurant on Brighton Beach.

The music career of Daria Chebanova

As Daria told her, she did not want to return to her home until she found out that the Silver group was looking for a soloist. It is for this reason that she comes to Moscow and successfully passes the casting.

In 2013, she became part of the Silver musical group and starred in six videos, and also records the joint album The Power of Three. In 2014, it became known that Daria was leaving the group due to knee problems, the singer's doctor diagnosed congenital dysplasia of the knee joints. It was for this reason that she had to leave the group. After her, Katya Kishchuk came to Silver.

Today, Daria leads a quiet family life, maintains a blog, and is not yet going to begin a solo career.


In August 2017, Daria married the ex-participant of the show "Voice 3" Ivan Chebanov. The ceremony took place in the estate of Sukhanovo.