Published At: 20 May 2020 , 06:39 AM

In Korean culture, music has always occupied a high place. After the rapprochement of South Korea with the West, foreign music gained simply massive popularity in the country of morning freshness, serving as the basis for the formation of the k-pop youth direction. 

PAK JIMIN - Quick Facts

Name: Park Jimin (Park Jimin) 

Birthday: October 13, 1995 (24 years old) 

Place of birth: Busan, South Korea 

Height: 174 cm Weight: 61 kg 

Zodiac sign: Libra ( characteristic ) 

East horoscope: Boar 

Musical projects: BTS 

Career: Foreign musicians


Pak Jimin was the last to enter the musical group, exactly one year before the group's debut, while the rest of the participants had to train for three years, so he trained hard every day, trying to justify his hopes. Kim Sokjin (Jin), the eldest in the composition, fraternally took care of Jimin and lamented that poor Jimin slept three hours a day and hardly ate. Hard training gave an excellent result: Jimin's body with pumped-up muscles and drawn cubes of the press looked just great, and the audience appreciated it at the very first performance. Well, a subtle sense of rhythm and impeccable body control combined with a beautiful voice created a real WOW-effect.

The fantastically beautiful dances of Pak caused the audience a sense of unreality: it was simply impossible to believe that an ordinary person could so skillfully control his body! The exoticism of Jimin's dance movements filled the space with unbridled drive, bringing the youth audience to ecstasy. Added adrenaline and appearance of a young man: stylish hairstyle; well-groomed skin; skillfully let down eyes-smiles (what he liked best about himself); new-fashioned clothes, bandanas and snapbacks from New Era. Pak Jimin, unmatched dancing, also sang incomparably, so he quickly became one of the leading vocalists of BTS. His voice literally made the hearts of the fans tremble. Along with young people, representatives of the older generation all over the world also fell in love with Jimin's singing - together with Vee, Jungkook, Jay Hope or solo. For example, Jimin's solo song "Lie" was sold in quantities of over 100 thousand electronic copies.

Jimin sings well and splendidly dances, but Pak himself cannot write texts, although there have been attempts to do the writing. However, friends recommended that he leave his thoughts to write songs, "so as not to lull the listeners." But the audience is delighted with what Jimin knew how to do best - sing and dance. And they don't need more!


In Korean culture, music has always occupied a high place. After the rapprochement of South Korea with the West, foreign music gained simply massive popularity in the country of morning freshness, serving as the basis for the formation of the k-pop youth direction.

One of the most striking performers of South Korean pop music can surely be called Pak Jimin, a talented vocalist for the BTS boy band. In 2013, this group blew up the music scene of South Korea, winning the hearts of tens of thousands of fans, not only in their own country but throughout the world. BTS owes much of its resounding success to professional dancer and singer Jimin, a recognized Korean idol. 


Park Jimin (Park Ji Min, Park Ji Min) was born October 13, 1995, in Busan - the sea capital of South Korea, only slightly inferior in size to Seoul. The parents who owned the cafe (the business sold in 2015) devoted a lot of energy to raising and educating their sons - the elder Jimin and the younger Jihyun, who was born in 1997.

Already in childhood, Jimin showed a craving for creativity, and this interest was encouraged in the family. Parents did not spare money to pay for dancing the eldest son: the boy has seriously carried away by popping. So Jimin was far from always able to find a free moment to visit his favourite place in the city - the famous Busan beaches. But thanks to tireless work and perseverance, the teenager perfectly mastered all the popping techniques. The time spent on teaching classical and modern dances was not in vain: after graduating from high school, the young man accepted to the Busan Higher School of Arts. Having gained comprehensive knowledge about choreography here, the young man, influenced by the creativity of the Korean showman Rain, decided to continue his studies at the music department of the Korean Academy of Arts (where, incidentally, he met and became friends with Kim Taehyung, a future BTS friend). The choreography teacher advised a talented student to contact the production company to try their luck in music and dance shows. The producers immediately drew attention to the plastic of the young man, highlighting the guy in the crowd. So Jimin got into the BTS project - we can say that right from the street. In 2012, he became a member of the Bangtan Boys ( BTS ) team.

In passing, it should note that Pak began to speak under his name, without a pseudonym. Of course, he was curiously waiting for what kind of stage name he would be assigned. Various options considered: Baby J, Baby G, Young Kid - however, as BTS summarized Suga (Min Yoongi), "we all agreed that Jimin sounds best." 


 Sincere, direct, like a child, sometimes even somewhat naive, Jimin nevertheless always completely in an adult way argued on the topic of love. He would like to meet a girl of dreams - not just beautiful and friendly, but one that would shine with intellect would be a faithful, reliable and unique companion of life. Willingly telling reporters about his feminine ideal, Pak at the same time is not inclined to spread about the events of his personal life. At one time, there were rumours about his connection with Khan Sung-Yong from the female k-pop group KARA, as well as about the novel with Sylgi from Red Velvet. Still, no one has provided reliable information to the public. In general, according to official opinion, Park Jimin is free. Perhaps this is required by the terms of the contract with the production centre. This state of affairs only fuels female interest in the singer - and the auditoriums are full of girls craving a romantic acquaintance with the idol of their hearts.


 The young man is in the prime of life necessary for the realization of great creative plans, which he intends to implement at any cost. Jimin, with full dedication, sparing no effort, is steadily moving towards his goals: to reach the heights of dance mastery, as well as become a first-class singer who enjoys being on the world stage. In one of his many interviews, Park said: "I want to fly high like a bird." It seems that no one has any doubts: the central member of the BTS will undoubtedly achieve its goal! And South Korea will once again surprise the world with its amazing talents.