Coronavirus in the USA: Ratakovsky in isolation, and Shubskaya and Gomez rushed to the stores

Published At: 13 March 2020 , 01:23 PM

Around the world, a dangerous disease is being fought. While countries close their borders, stars take their measures of protection against coronavirus.

In the United States, the number of COVID-19 cases exceeded 600. President Donald Trump said that during the 30 days of entry into the country is limited. This situation frightened model Emily Ratakovsky. The sex bomb decided to isolate itself. Together with her husband Sebastian Bear-Macclard and the dog Colombo, she locked herself in her New York apartment. "They quarantined my kids," 

None of the spouses has any signs of illness, but because of the high risk of infection, they stopped going out and visiting crowded places. However, at home, Emily feels excellent. The model takes advantage of the situation and enjoys relaxing with her husband and dog.

Emily Ratakovsky found positive aspects in the pandemic.

Pregnant Anastasia Shubskaya is not afraid to leave home. She is in Washington, whose team is played by her husband, Alexander Ovechkin. Anastasia spoke about the situation in the city. According to the daughter of Vera Glagoleva, half-empty shelves in American supermarkets. For products, Shubskaya came to a Russian store. There she found everything that it needs.

"There are no canned food, pasta, nothing at all. Everything is here for now," the hockey player's wife added. Anastasia and Alexander are waiting for the birth of a second baby. Spouses declassified the sex of the child - this is a boy. The couple is already raising a 1.5-year-old son, Serezha.

Selena Gomez, too, is in no hurry to isolate herself. The singer goes to visit friends. To have fun, she and her friends decided to buy board games at the Target supermarket.

"Guys, I hope that you are safe and well take care of yourself. I know you will, most likely, are tired of hearing it, but I want to, so you know, I pray and think about each, "- Gomez said.

The star tested the first board game in the company of friends. However, Gomez was in the team of losers.

Tom Hanks and his wife said that a coronavirus infected that. The spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada was also on the list of infected. Meghan Markle admitted that she did not take her son to the UK because of fear of a new disease.