Cooper - photo, biography, personal life, cause of death, rapper 2020

Published At: 01 June 2020 , 12:44 PM

Career: rapper

Date of Birth: September 4, 1976

Age: 43 years

Time of death: May 23, 2020

Place of Birth: Leningrad, USSR

Family status: was not married


Roman Alekseev was known as Cooper, a rapper from St. Petersburg who performed both solos and as part of the DA-108, Bad B. Alliance and Bad Balance teams. In May 2020, the musician's life tragically cut short, but he remained in the fans' memory as a bright representative of the hip-hop underground.

Childhood and youth

Roman was born on September 4, 1976, in Leningrad. His parents were Sergey and Lyudmila. The father instilled in his son a love of music, and by the age of 10, he grew up into a music lover, saturated with the spirit of classical foreign rock. The boy was fascinated by the sound of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Nazareth, and Uriah Heep. He dreamed of becoming a drummer to recreate rhythms resonating with the soul.

And he also practiced judo, in 1985 for the first time he saw how they breakdance. At that moment, he realized how a neat, technical, and acrobatic dance combines sport, rhythm, and music that sounds inside. A year later, Roma joined the ranks of the pioneers of the Soviet break. He teamed up with friends in the group New Cool Boys, and they began to rehearse based on DC "Red Banner." The guys were inspired by what they saw on MTV and participated in dance competitions with a genre that was more original than initially.At the same time, Alekseev's rapping began. Arriving at summer camps, Roman and his friends lit at discos, "reading rubbish" - recitations in pseudo-language, which they tried to pass off as English. That rap inspired by the example of African-American hip-hop musicians whose work was not like everything heard so far. The guys created the SMD group and began recording the first demos using two cassette recorders.

Roman devoted all his time to songs and dances, and things with studies did not work out well. He left in his second year, and once he ultimately kicked out of school for a fight. Alekseev tried to find work, but his mother insisted that his son study at a vocational school. The school also could not do without showdowns, implicated in the mismatch of musical tastes and alcohol abuse.

As a result, Cooper left school and tried to work as an electrician. After he got a job in a music store, he sold rap tapes and overgrown like-minded people, united in the so-called Gorky us. Often a guy was utterly unemployed, living on a modest salary of his mother.

Personal life

Little known about the personal life of the musician. During the period of Wushu studies, Roman became interested in the study of Eastern religions and imbued with the philosophy of Buddhism. Cooper devoted two years to meditation, went to retreats, and forgotten entirely forgot about the music. Then, in his biography, a page appeared related to marijuana, which led to the arrest and suspended sentence.


In the late 1990s, Cooper, along with Pasha Stovosmym, began to create in the group DA-108 Flava, with which he recorded four albums. The debut disc "Road to the East" released in 1999, and even then, Roman had a positive reputation. By that time, the team had the Rap Music'96 Grand Prix. At the festival, Alekseev met Vlad Valov, a famous producer who helped to declare himself to Decl, Timati, and Yolke.

Valov, also known as the SHEF Master, offered Cooper cooperation. The result of the collaboration was the hit "Peter, I am yours," which brought Roman out of the underground niche and made him famous. It was primarily due to the clip shot in places of worship in St. Petersburg. Vlad began to attract a friend in his band Bad Balance and the association of hip-hop musicians "Bad B. Alliance." Together they released five albums.

The collaboration lasted almost 20 years, not counting the break from 2016 to 2018. By that time, the rapper had exacerbated alcohol problems, and he began to withdraw into himself and move away from society. Performances at concerts happened less and less, although colleagues in the group tried to slow Cooper down. In rare gleams, the musician showed interest in the work and again included in the life of Bad Balance.

Roman also left solo works over time. Cooper's first independent disc was Ya, recorded in 2006. Six years later, the album "Second Solo" was added to the discography.


May 23, 2020, in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, a fire occurred in a residential apartment building. A day later, a photo of Alekseyev and the news that the accident happened in Cooper's apartment and his mother appeared on Vlad Valov's Instagram. It became known that the 43-year-old lead singer of Bad Balance died. SHEF master called Roman the most technical rap artist and voice of the St. Petersburg underground. On May 25, a forensic examination took place, where they identified the victims and recorded the cause of death. The neighbors say that the mother and son had long-term alcohol; they had debts on utility bills and lived for almost a year with the electricity turned off.


  • 2006 - Ya
  • 2012 - "Second Solo."

As part of Bad Balance

  • 2001 - "Stone Forest."
  • 2003 - Little by little
  • 2007 - "Legends of the Gangsters."
  • 2009 - "Seven Do Not Expect One."
  • 2012 - World Wide

As part of Da-108

  • 1999 - The Road to the East
  • 2001 - "The Beginning. Mother, father".
  • 2002 - May Day rap
  • 2004 - "Once Upon a Time in St. Petersburg ..."