Coolio: Biography and music career

Published At: 14 April 2020 , 02:57 PM


Coolio is an American rapper, actor, producer, and even chef. He gained the greatest fame in the mid-nineties with the release of such hits as "Fantastic Voyage," "CU When U Get There" and, of course, his most successful track "Gangsta's Paradise."

Back in 1987, he recorded his first tracks "Watch Gonna Do" and "You're Gonna Miss Me," in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles and joined the group WC and the Maad Circle, whose debut album was enough Culio is known to be able to get a solo contract with Tommy Boy. In the same year, he released his first studio album, "It Takes A Thief," which provided him with MTV rotations. In 1995, he recorded the main soundtrack for the film "Dangerous Minds." The film received mostly negative reviews from critics, but the film's fees were incredibly high, and the hit "Gangsta's Paradise "Turned out to be almost a hymn to an entire generation. An album later released under the same name was extremely successful, and Culio earned fame for years to come. In 1997, he released the third album "My Soul ", a well-made, but without special hits. Soon, the label Tommy Boy broke the contract with him, and to the disappointment of the fans, the next five studio albums were a failure.

Currently, there is unverified information about the recording of the new studio album, but there is no news from Coolio himself.


Gangsta's Paradise sold over three million copies. At the same time, the track "Gangsta's Paradise" itself was sold with a circulation of 5.700.000 copies worldwide;

Coolio has six children from four women;

After his career as a musician, he became a chef, released the online show Cookin 'with Coolio, and even released a recipe book;

In 1996 he won a Grammy for best performance with the track "Gangsta's Paradise";

He is engaged in charity work for the Asthma and Allergy Center, as well as the Society Against Climate Change;

The track "Fantastic Voyage" finished third on the Billboard chart in 1994.