Cindy Loper : Biography and music career

Published At: 14 February 2020 , 11:06 AM


American pop singer Cindy Loper accurately illustrates the proverb about that tiny dog, which is an old puppy. An energetic singer and at the age of 60, she organically and incendiary performs Girls Want to Have Fun - the anthem of girlish youth, which became a hit of the 80s. A woman does not change herself: she is still bright and bold both in life and on stage.

Childhood and youth

Fred and Katherine Loper lived in New York, and they had three children. The future star of the pop scene was born on June 22, 1953, and her full name is Cynthia Ann Stephanie. The older sister was called Ellen, and the younger brother was Fred. The ancestors of the girl were immigrants from Europe, Italian, German, and Swiss blood flows in her.

Cindy Loper as a child with her sister

Cindy's childhood was not carefree: her parents divorced when she was five years old. Mom found a new husband, but everything was not smooth with him. As a result, the woman went to waitresses to feed her family.

Cindy grew up a bold and rickety girl who loves music. Creative nature was eager for freedom, and outfits picked up the appropriate ones: bright and challenging. The girl early began to write poetry and play the guitar donated by her sister. She attended Richmond Hill School but considered her a heavy burden, skipped, and eventually dropped out.

The situation at home was tense, relations with his stepfather became utterly unbearable. In the book of memoirs, Loper accuses him of harassment and threats of violence. Therefore, a girl in 17 years old just ran away from home to nowhere. She even spent two weeks alone in the forest with her dog.

At times, she did not have enough money for food, and life without a permanent roof over her head suggested dangers and unpleasant adventures. She hitchhiked, interrupted by casual earnings, sang in bars and clubs. Having passed the final school exams on her own, Cindy went to study at Johnson State College in Vermont.


In the early 1970s, Cindy began her singing career, performing as a member of small New York groups and performing rock and pop hits covers. An extravagant singer with a range of four octaves attracted attention, and she had the opportunity to try herself in a recording studio.

Cindy Loper - Time After Time

In 1977, Loper recorded the first single and then experienced the first professional drama. The girl broke her vocal cords, and she should not have dreamed about a singing career anymore. But stubborn Cindy would not be herself if she gave up. Working as a saleswoman and a waitress, she is engaged in recovery with professionals and, at the same time, begins to write her songs.

In 1978, the singer created the group "Blue Angel." The first album released in 1980, but the only positive point that critics noted was the voice of the soloist. The failure of the record plunged the musicians into a financial hole, and the lawsuits of the former manager completely ruined the team.

However, Cindy's original sound remembered by music observers, so it was not difficult for the new personal manager to sign the singer's contract with Portrait. Here in 1983, she released her first solo record. She's So Unusual, which blew up all the charts and brought the girl a resounding success.

This includes timeless hits Time After Time and Girls Want to Have Fun. The clip for the last song was recognized by MTV and Rolling Stone magazine as one of the greatest music videos of the era.

Cindy Loper - Shine

For the album, Cindy Loper received a Grammy as the best young artist, and the record became platinum five times. The second release of True Colors (1986) was no longer able to repeat this success, although the title song to this day does not stop on the air of radio stations.

In total, the performer has 12 solo albums, including Shine (2001), At Last (2003), Detour (2016), and others. Memphis Blues (2010), according to Billboard magazine, became the best blues album of the year.

Cindy Loper - At Last

The singer's collection has gathered all the main awards that you can dream of in show business: Grammy, Tony, and Emmy. On April 11, 2016, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the star Cindy Loper was laid.