Cam’ron Recalls What Mac Miller Told Him About Staying Independent

Published At: 20 December 2019 , 04:48 PM

"Why would I sign to a label?"

While Cam' ron gears up to release his first LP in 10 years, Purple Haze 2, he pondered on his career in a conversation Complex—and he recognized what the late Mac Miller showed him about staying independent.

According to Cam, Mac questioned why he wanted a label when he was earning money on his own:

I remember, Mac Miller used to come over all the time before he passed away, God bless the dead, here and at my other crib in Fort Lee. He used to employ the night in my crib and all sort of shit. He did like, 'Cam; I'm nevermore continuing to get no formal deal. If I do a deal, it's made to be for 30 million or greater. They got to grant me the Michael Jackson [deal.]' That's what he managed to tell me. And he's like, 'It doesn't make sense. I'm going on a trip, making 40, 50, 60 thousand a show, 60 dates, and I'm getting 80 percent off my music now. Why would I sign to a label?' And I was like, this is a clever young man. We used to have these discussions all the time. As I stated, everybody has a different situation.

Mac Miller collaborated with Cam in 2012 on the Macadelic cut, "Ignorant."

In his Complex interview, Cam talked about how he doesn't plan on contracting to a major label again. "Since I leave Epic Records, I've nevermore had a typical deal," he said. "Every deal was a mutual venture. I don't ever mind dividing the money. I won't ever be contracted to anybody. I'll do a joint venture or merchandising deals. So I wouldn't be against it, because I still do business with people like this. But as far as staying signed with somebody, Nah."

After he left Epic, he contracted to JAY-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records in 2001—until he left in 2005. He speculated on how his time at Roc-A-Fella pretended his business sense.

"I mean, me and JAY-Z had banged heads, but I did not have any downs at Roc-A-Fella," he stated to Complex. "I earlier learned when I became jerked around. So when we went to Roc-A-Fella, we returned into dragons, because we identified what wasn't being done at Epic. So when we got to Roc-A-Fella, we had to estimate out who was operating radio over here, who was running a promotion, and all that. Let's walk downstairs to Def Jam and notice who does their radio and their marketing and make sure we make the right variety of promotions that we didn't get at Epic. It was a fabulous experience because I was around people who were seeking to teach me anything that I didn't know, as opposed to trying to rob me."