Caitlin Jenner: Biography and career

Published At: 05 February 2020 , 03:19 PM

Caitlin Jenner is a well-known actress working in the genre of reality shows, a participant in the Kardashian Family project. In the past, she was a man Bruce Houghton, who became famous in the world of athletics.

William Bruce Houghton was born on October 28, 1949, in the US city of Mount Kisco. According to the sign of the zodiac, he is a scorpion. The height of the former athlete is 188 centimeters, weight - 88 kg.

Bruce Houghton, better known by the name of his ex-wife (Chris Jenner). He began his career in American football, after which he went into decathlon due to a knee injury. Bruce has always had a passion for business. At the dawn of his sports career, he sold insurance, then opened a company to create software and supply consumables for aviation.


In the status of a man, Caitlin Jenner set a world decathlon record. This happened in 1975 in Oregon. From about that moment, the countdown of the athlete's fame began. For a long time, Jenner hid his intention to become a woman, although he had been taking hormone replacement therapy for many years.

Caitlin is the owner of a gold Olympic medal among men, which she also received in 1975. A year after that, then Bruce was awarded the title of the national hero of the United States.

Since the 1980s, Jenner has been trying to develop a career in film and television. But until 2007, he suffered a fiasco. Then the Kardashian Family show was launched, becoming one of the highest-rated in the history of television. Caitlin made it with his wife Chris and children, all of them are celebrities at the moment.

Personal life

Caitlin has been a husband three times. And all these unions were built in those years when she was a man. From three wives, Bruce had six children. His spouses were Christy Scott, former Elvis Presley girlfriend, Linda Thompson and producer Chris Jenner.

With Christy, Bruce had been married for about ten years, and they have a daughter Cassandra and a son Burton. Relations with Thompson have stood the test of five years. The couple had sons Brody and Brandon.

With Chris, the marriage lasted the longest: they painted from 1991 to 2015. Kendall and Kylie became their common daughters. Bruce also raised Chris's children from a marriage with lawyer Robert Kardashian: Rob, Kim, Courtney and Chloe. They lived together until 2012, although the divorce officially formalized three years later.

After breaking up with Jenner, Bruce announced to the world that he was a transgender woman. And since April 2015, he began to bear the name Caitlin. Jenner made a documentary about his transition to a new role. As it turned out, from a youth, Bruce felt like a woman, periodically changed into a lady. But then he decided that it was more convenient for him to live in such an image than in the status of a man.

Caitlin made several cosmetic surgeries but has not yet sexually changed her sex. Years of throwing taught her that what is important is how the person feels, and not in what physical form it exists.

Interesting Facts

Caitlin Jenner managed to become the father of six children, while she lived in the status of a man. Her two children are famous models: Kylie and Kendal Jenner.

Even though the marriage with Chris Jenner concluded in 1991, and many sporting achievements occurred in the 1970-80s, Bruce mentioned under the surname Jenner in many biographical books and articles.

From a young age, Caitlin dreamed of changing the gender to female. But she postponed this decision for the sake of marriage with Chris Jenner for more than 20 years.

When Jenner first announced his intention to change sex, many did not believe him, considering this a cheap publicity stunt for the Kardashian family show.