Cage: Biography and music career

Published At: 14 April 2020 , 02:50 PM


Cage is a hip-hop artist from Orange County (NY), known for his concept albums, the semantic content of tracks and realistic storytelling about people on a social bottom.

At the age of 18, Cage joined the local hip-hop movement, starting to rap. He was taken under the wing of rapper Pete Nice and radio host Bobbito Garcia, after which Cage was able to sign a contract with Columbia Records. However, continued drug use terminated the contract. In 1997, the same Bobbito Garcia founded Fondle Em Records and invited Chris, who recorded his first hits - "Agent Orange" and "Radiohead." At the same time, the Detroit Ramsey Eminem began to gain popularity, and then Cage accused him of musical and ideological plagiarism, which led to a long conflict.

Having never released full releases on Fondle Em, Christopher switched to the label of The High & Mighty under the Eastern Conference, where he released a joint album with them, as well as his debut album Color for the Blind, which received high reviews from critics. At the same time, he created The Weathermen along with Aesop Rock, El-P, Tame One, Vast Aire (from Cannibal Ox), and others. The band released their first album, The Conspiracy, in 2003. After disagreeing with the Eastern Conference label, Cage switched to Def Jux, owned by El-P. There he released two more albums in 2005 and 2009, gradually moving away from the image of a mentally unstable drug addict. In 2010, he resolved his differences with Eastern Conference and released his fourth album, Kill The Architect.".

Cage is currently preparing a fifth studio album and is performing live.


For a long time I used LSD, PCP, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol, sometimes all together;

Actor Shia LaBeouf is a fan of Cage and plans to play a major role in his biopic;

He was treated in a psychiatric hospital for 16 months;

In 2010, appeared on Kid Cudi's album on the track "Maniac," and also starred in his horror movie of the same name;

His own father used heroin and even made his son pull veins;

In his teens, he tried several times to commit suicide.