Bright Eyes Show Cancelled After Frontman Walks Off Stage After Two Songs

Published At: 25 May 2022 , 11:52 AM

Bright Eyes fans have noticed erratic behaviour from frontman Conor Oberst as the band tours the US. 

The situation reached boiling point at a recent show in Texas, with Oberst leaving the stage after a song and a half into the band's performance.

Hilariously, the band invited fans onto the stage in Texas to fill in for Oberst in a karaoke format.

Many fans described the event on socials, with one of them stating that “Conor was in awful shape".

Another fan said that he only "remembered a fraction of the lyrics for [second song] Lover I Don’t Have to Love. … Then Conor left the stage after the track ended and never came back. Nate (Walcott) and Mike (Mogis) did their best to try to keep the show going and apologized to the crowd multiple times. After 10-15 mins they finally brought out the rest of the band and pulled fans out of the crowd to play three songs, karaoke-style.”

In a YouTube caption, one fan praised the rest of the band for attempting to keep the show on the road stating, "Shout out to the band who kept the show going and the people in the crowd who came up to sing! You guys were amazing! I loved it. Making the best of an awkward situation! 15-year-old me would have killed for an opportunity to step up to sing these songs."

Venue staff came onto the stage following the fall out offering refunds to punter, halting the show after a couple of karaoke numbers. 

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