Bobby shmurda: Biography and music career

Published At: 24 March 2020 , 03:26 PM

Bobby Shmurda Biography

Bobby shmurda is a rapper from Brooklyn who became world-famous after the release of the track "Hot Nigga," recorded on the "Jackpot" beat by Jahlil Beats. Composition and video became viral, spreading across the network with truly superluminal speed. After the first mixtape released with his GS9 gang, he was signed by Epic Records.

However, fate was not favorable to the young artist: shortly after the release of the first EP, his servants arrested his entire company with a severe list of charges, including drug sales and murder, as well as a dozen minor crimes. Bobby and his accomplices were threatened with maximum sentences of 8-25 years. As a result, Bobby made a deal, pleading part of the charge, and got seven years in prison, but he will be in jail for five years, and after leaving prison, he will be held on probation for five years. According to the lawyer, if a rapper behaves well, he will be able to come out at all in 3.5 years.


His father is from Jamaica, and his mother is from Trinidad and Tobago. Schmerdy's father went to prison when Bobby was a teenager;

Members of the GS9 gang, which Shmurda is a member of, used code words when talking to each other over the phone. If a shootout planned, then they called it a "tan," and they encrypted the weapon under the word "socks."

The dance "Shmoney Dance" from the video "Hot Nigga" became viral, as did the video itself. The clip has over 100 million views;

As Schmörd admitted in his track "Hot Nigga," he "sold crack on the streets from grade 5". A little later, he confirmed these lines in several interviews;

The beat from the "Hot Nigga" track originally belonged to Lloyd Banks, however, after Schmerdy's track turned out to be better than the original, Jahlil Beats officially recognized Bobby as the owner of the beat;

Bobby recorded his first track at age 10.