Blanco Brown: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 February 2020 , 03:26 PM

Blanco Brown is a famous country singer from America. In addition, Blanco Brown also tries himself as a producer.

Activity Music producer, singer

Date and place of birth. The exact date of birth of the musician is unknown. He was born in Georgia, USA.

Height - 180 cm.

Weight - 79 kg.

Before popularity

The future musician was born in the most ordinary family. From childhood, he liked to listen to different music; most often, it was a rap. In the summer holidays, he went to his grandmother, where he once heard music in the country style. He liked her. To this day, he says that rap and country are his favorite areas of music.

After graduating from high school, Blanco Brown firmly decided that he wanted to become a musician. In order to gain experience and meet the right people, he decided to look for jobs behind the scenes as an assistant. So he managed to visit the concerts of Pit Bull and Fergie.


In the end, the stubborn young man achieved his goal, and in 2018 the music label Broken Bow Records offered him a contract to record songs in 2018.

The first song released was called The Git Up. A clip was immediately shot for the song, which collected two tens of millions of views on the network. His songs began to gain momentum in music charts and charts rapidly.

To increase the number of views and his popularity, the young man, together with his friend country dancer, recorded a video showing how to dance to his song “The Git Up.” This video also gained a considerable amount of views.

Personal life

Blanco Brown does not talk about the details of his own life. On Instagram, he often uploads photos with girls, so, most likely, he does not suffer from a lack of female attention.

Interesting Facts

Blanco Brown helps with writing lyrics to other artists.

The singer dances beautifully but admits that he has not studied this anywhere.

Few people know that Blanco Brown is the author of the 2018 World Cup anthem.