Biography of Yulia Volkova

Published At: 26 December 2020 , 08:23 PM

Biography of Yulia Volkova

Yulia Volkova is the world-famous “little black girl from Tatu ”, one of the soloists of the scandalous duet, which became the “pioneer” among the first Russian musical groups to enter the world level. Now the performer has her own musical project, which has found a large army of fans.

Childhood and youth

Julia Olegovna Volkova was born in Moscow on February 20, 1985, in the family of a businessman and stylist. She began to move towards a musical career in early childhood - at the age of seven, her parents sent her only daughter to a music school to learn to play the piano. But in the third grade, a real acquaintance with the stage took place.

At the age of nine, Yulia Volkova became a member of the children's vocal and instrumental ensemble " Fidgets ", a recognized forge of talents. The musical biography of not only the scandalous duet began here. In addition to Tatu, pop stars Vlad Topalov, Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Malinovskaya, and Nastya Zadorozhnaya came out of this group. In the ensemble, a year later, Julia met her future partner Lena Katina.

At the same time, the piano was replaced by the study of acting: from the music school, ten-year-old Volkova was transferred to a new educational institution, specializing, in addition to general education, in this direction. The study and translation bore fruit, and Yulia appeared in two plots of the children's humorous television magazine Yeralash (episodes "Help Me" and "Mannequin").


Serious pop life began early for Julia. As a teenager, she won the casting and, as one of two soloists, entered the scandalously popular music group Tatu under the direction of producer Ivan Shapovalov.

Volkova's partner in the project was Yulia's longtime acquaintance Lena Katina. The young singers from Fidget instantly grew into one of the most prominent pop groups of the period. Initially, Tatu used an outrageous lesbian image, but gradually this idea outlived its usefulness, and the group's songs acquired a more social orientation.

The vocalists recorded English-language and Russian-language albums, which are consistently sold in huge numbers, and performed in Russia and abroad. The images of two fragile performers (Julia's height is 158 cm, Elena -162), singing about personal and world problems with some adolescent tragedy, did not leave the audience of Europe and America indifferent. The first single in English, titled All The Things She Said, became one of the most successful hits of the year and topped the major world charts.