Biography of Young Plato The great rapper

Published At: 25 December 2020 , 05:02 PM

Biography of Young Plato

Young Platon is a Russian rapper, trap performer. He took up music to provide for his mother, who sacrificed much for him. In the future, the young man sees himself as a multimillionaire and a legend.

Childhood and youth

Platon Viktorovich Stepashin was born on November 24, 2004, in Moscow. According to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Now he lives in the Kurkino area with his father, since his parents divorced in 2014.

The rapper called his mother and father the main teachers in life. But the nanny had the greatest influence on his biography. In 2009, a boy was sitting in the kitchen and a woman asked to sing, knowing that he was doing vocals.

In the third grade, Platon went to the Durov Animal Theater. The guys were offered to take a photo with the animal, and the future trap performer starred with a crocodile in his hand and a snake around his neck.

In addition to music, the young man was also fond of football. I supported Juventus, from the age of two I played with my father, and at the age of 7, I went to the Khimki school, which was across the street from my house. Stepashin worked there until 2019. I even managed to play a little at Dynamo Moscow as a central defender and striker.

The rapper left the sport because he did not like physical activity. In addition, he was not encouraged by the experience of his individual coach, who, being a super talent, ended his career due to injury. And the Dynamo graduate told the young man that only the sons of rich parents become football players - they demand 300 thousand rubles for getting into the base from newcomers.

Also, Young Plato in childhood was engaged in karate, took 3rd place at the World Championship in Italy.


Until 2018, Stepashin planned to study pop music and even wanted to go to “ Voice. Children ". Then came the RNB Club and Big Baby Tape, a new wave to jump on.

Young Plato started making tracks and sending them out. RNDM Crew manager Mikhail Butakhin answered the young man. The artists of the project Feduk and OG Buda helped the newcomer.

In 2019, the young performer recorded his debut album TsUM, made in the style of trap, that is, glamorous rap with “expensive clothes, cool watches and bitches”. Almost all the compositions were dedicated to the fashion brand - Puma, Calvin Klein, Vlone, and so on.