Biography of Viktor Tsoi: how Viktor Tsoi died

Published At: 12 June 2020 , 03:42 PM

Viktor Tsoi is not only a cult Soviet rock musician, a star of several generations but also the author of dozens of hits that the whole country knows but also, perhaps, the most famous ethnic Korean in Russia's history.

His great-grandfather moved to Vladivostok before the 1917 revolution - he had to leave his homeland so as not to be called up for military service in the Japanese army, which then captured Korea and declared war on China. In the 30s, on the orders of Stalin, Soviet Koreans began to be massively relocated from the Far East to Central Asia. So the family of the future musician ended up in Kazakhstan. Victor Tsoi's father, Robert Maksimovich, was born in the city of Kyzylorda. After school, he went to study in Leningrad, graduated from Voenmekh, and eventually settled there, working as an engineer at a factory. With his future wife, Valentina Guseva, a physical education teacher from Pushkin, Tsoi Sr. met visiting friends. A few days later, he proposed to the girl.

June 21, 1962, a couple was born a son, Victor. The wife suggested calling the boy Dmitry, but Robert Maksimovich insisted on his option: Victor - from Latin means "winner".

Parents divorced when the boy was nine years old. A year later, they signed again. By that time, Victor showed the artist's talent - he attended a secondary art school (by the way, at that time, no more than 40 students were enrolled from all over Leningrad). As a teenager, he began to play the bass guitar in his first rock band - "Chamber No. 6". The new company was so enthralled that after a couple of years, Tsoi expelled from the Serov Art School for total poor performance. He entered the vocational school on a specialty "woodcarver".

The creative career of Viktor Tsoi

In the early 80s, Choi often disappears in the apartment of Andrei "Pig" Panov, who is sometimes called the first Soviet punk. The boy major, passionate about rock music, bought musical instruments and equipment and regularly gathered friends musicians. We drank, talked. The group of Panov himself, "Automatic Satisfiers," rehearsed here. Viktor Tsoi also played with them for a while. And he even once went with AU to an underground tour in Moscow. But the main thing is that he once met with Pig in Alexei Rybin. They agreed on the characters. And in the summer of 1981, they decided to form their group - Garin and Hyperboloids. The third member of the line-up was drummer Oleg Valinsky, a neighbor of Pisces, but soon drafted into the army. (Now, by the way, he is vice president of Russian Railways).

According to legend, the first song that Viktor Tsoi wrote was "My Friends" (well, sing along: "... they always go through life by march!"). For the first time, he sang it at the birthday of sound engineer Andrei Tropilo in the Leningrad restaurant "Brig". He came out alone, with a simple guitar. One of those who was stunned by what he heard was the first Soviet rock journalist Artemy Troitsky, who often arranged apartment houses in Moscow for Leningrad musicians. With his direct participation, Tsoi and Pisces began to dangle into the capital.

Interesting facts about Viktor Tsoi

1. Viktor Tsoi met Boris Grebenshchikov from the Aquarium group, who was the most famous Leningrad rock musician on a commuter train. There was a guitar at hand. 19-year-old Tsoi sang the master of his early song, My Friends, to the master. BG, as he later admitted more than once, was delighted. It was he who helped the Kino group record their first albums.

2. In 1983, Viktor Tsoi spent a month and a half in a psychiatric hospital, so he avoided being drafted into the army.

3. After graduating from a vocational school, Kino's leader worked for some time in the restoration workshop of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin.

4. In his free time, Viktor Tsoi carved "Japanese" netsuke figures from wood.

5. To avoid punishment for parasitism, from 1986 to 1988, Viktor Tsoi worked as a fireman in a boiler room located in the basement of an apartment building on Blokhin Street 15. This place was nicknamed "Kamchatka" in honor of one of the songs of the early "Cinema." Other rock musicians, Alexander Bashlachev, founder of the Alice band Svyatoslav Zaderiy, also got a job here. After the death of Tsoi, "Kamchatka" became one of the main places of pilgrimage for musician fans. Now there is a small club museum.

Day of death of Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi, with his father and son, leaves for the Baltic states, rents a cottage near Jurmala. There, for some time, Yuri Kasparyan came to him. Musicians make rough recordings of their upcoming album, work on arrangements.

August 15, 1990. It was a pure coincidence that he did not take his son Sasha with him. At 12 hours 28 minutes, "Moskvich-2141" Viktor Tsoi passes 35 km of the highway "Sloka-Talsi." On a bend, suddenly taxiing into the oncoming lane. At this moment, the Ikarus bus leaves the corner. Head-on collision. The car crumbles Excerpts from the police report: "at a speed of at least 130 kilometers per hour", "lost control," "death came instantly," "was sober, did not drink alcohol during the last 48 hours before death"...

The most current version of the tragedy - a rock musician, could fall asleep at the wheel because he went fishing very early the day before. There is another rather widespread version that Viktor Tsoi on this trip listened to the recordings that they had made the day before with guitarist Yuri Kasparyan. He could either think about another musical idea and did not follow the turn, that he could rearrange the tape at that moment. However, Kasparyan himself refutes this version. According to him, the cassette with drafts of the future album was with him. Tsoi did not have a copy.