Biography of Victor Rybin and Music Career

Published At: 22 January 2021 , 07:12 PM

Biography of Victor Rybin

Viktor Viktorovich Rybin is a Russian singer, songwriter, leader, and frontman of the Dune group. Victor was born on August 21, 1962, in the town of Dolgoprudny, near Moscow, in the family of Viktor Grigorievich Rybin, a worker, and Galina Mikhailovna Komleva, a kindergarten teacher. At the age of 7, the boy experienced an event that broke his psyche: in front of his son, the father committed suicide. After the death of Rybin Sr. Victor did not speak for six months.

Having recovered from the shock, the boy became an uncontrollable child, often skipped school, started smoking early, and walked along with the gateways. It was difficult for a mother to raise a child alone. In his youth, Viktor Rybin became interested in music, which saved him from a pernicious path. The young man mastered the techniques of playing the guitar and drum kit and became a member of one of the youth musical groups. After leaving school, he served in the army in the units of the Navy in Kamchatka.

Returning from military service, Viktor Rybin entered the naval school in Severodvinsk. But the love for music turned out to be stronger. In the mid-80s, the creative biography of Viktor Rybin began. The young man gets a job in the art-rock group "Dune" as an administrator. In parallel with his creative activity, Victor studied at the Faculty of Sociology at the Moscow State Institute of Culture.


In 1987, Rybin's school friend, bass player Sergei Katin, guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov, drummer Andrei Shatunovsky and vocalist Andrei Rublev entered the first line-up of the Dune group. Viktor Rybin became the director and part-time vocalist. The team worked based on the Moscow Regional Philharmonic. In 1988, the composition of the group changed, but Viktor Rybin and Sergey Katin remained in their places.

Viktor Rybin and the Dune group

During the first years, the musicians performed at away touring concerts as an opening act for Alexander Serov and the Doctor Watson group. At the same time, the first hit of the group appeared - the song "Country of Limonia", the author of which was Sergey Katin. The musical composition, recorded with the accompaniment of balalaikas, with which the musicians performed for the first time in the Musical Elevator program, gave the group all-Russian fame.

In 1990, two more hits of the musicians appeared - "Firm" and "Give-dai", which were included in the first album of the group "Country of Limonia", released by the recording company "Melodiya". Soon the main hit of the album got on the air "Songs of the Year" and the program "Up to 16 and older". In May 1990, the group gave a concert at the Sound Track festival in the Olympic Sports Palace. Soon the re-release of the first disc with a new hit "Hello from a big hangover" took place.

The second album "Behind us - Dolgoprudny" includes new songs "Horoscope", "Korefana", "Hello, baby". After Sergei Katin left the group in 1992, Viktor Rybin remained the only leader of the musical group. The albums "Dune, Dyunochka, Dune, hello from a big hangover!" Were recorded one after another. with already familiar songs and "Vitek" with new hits "Zhenya", "Machine Gun" and "Lim-Pom-Po".