Biography of VALERIY SYUTKIN and Music Career

Published At: 25 January 2021 , 06:45 PM


Fans and music critics call the singer "the main intellectual of the domestic show business." The peak of Valery Syutkin's popularity came in the first half of the 1990s when the idol appeared on stage with the cult band Bravo and gathered thousands of stadiums in Russia at concerts. But the subsequent solo career of the musician was no less successful. Today Valery Miladovich is considered one of the brightest representatives of the rock'n'roll and jazz crowd of the Russian stage.

Childhood and youth

Valery was born in the capital of Russia in the spring of 1958. Father Milad Syutkin is from Perm, he erected defensive structures underground and was noted during the construction of the Baikonur cosmodrome. Later he taught at the academy where he studied. He also met his future wife there. Bronislava Brzezicka is of Polish-Jewish origin. At the academy, she worked as a junior research assistant.

Valery Syutkin as a child with his mother

Valery delighted his parents with fives until he plunged headlong into rock and roll. The assessments were "modest", but the boy was understood at home. The guy learned his first melodies on the guitar and played on improvised "drums" from tin cans in an amateur rock band. Later he mastered playing in a professional setting and became a musician of the school VIA "Excited Reality". He also learned to play the bass guitar there.

The creative biography of Valery Syutkin continued after receiving a certificate of maturity. The first time after school, the guy worked part-time in a restaurant as an assistant cook, and in the evenings he performed there in front of visitors.

The future leader of "Bravo" served in the army in the Far Eastern Military District, wherein in his free time he continued to improve his musical skills. Valery became a member of the Polet military team, which raised Alexei Glyzin. Here for the first time, Syutkin showed his vocal talent.

After demobilization in 1978, the musician had to start from scratch again. Valery worked as a railway station loader, conductor. For a year and a half, Syutkin played music in his free time from travel and tried to get a job in one of the metropolitan groups. At the auditions, I had to use the legend of the correspondence education received at the Kirovsk Music School at the department of choral conducting.


In the early 80s, Valery already performed in the "Telephone" ensemble, having recorded 5 albums with colleagues. But because of the obstacles that officials put the musicians, Syutkin was forced to unite his team with the Zodchie group. The songs "Bus-86", "Sleep, baby" and "Time of love", which were previously played on cassettes, began to "play" on the radio and television, they got into the rotation. "MK" included "Architects" in the top 5 collectives of the USSR.

The turning point in the performer's career happened in 1990. Syutkin received an offer from the head of the Bravo Group, Yevgeny Khavtan, Valery agreed and took the vacant position, which was vacated by Zhanna Aguzarova. For 5 years of work in a rock and roll group, the musician gained all-Union fame. He changed the repertoire, performing style, and even appearance.

The group celebrated its 10th anniversary loudly: concerts were held in large cities of Russia. Syutkin with the Bravo musicians recorded the albums Moscow Bit and The Road to the Clouds, which became multi-platinum. In total, there were 5 discs in the joint discography of the collective and the soloist.