Biography of Vadik Korolyov and Music Career

Published At: 25 January 2021 , 06:19 PM

Biography of Vadik Korolyov

Vadik Korolyov is known as the leader of the OQJAV group, where he is responsible for writing music, lyrics, and performing vocal parts. The musician creates songs in indie pop and synth-rock styles with an admixture of alternatives and psychedelics. He believes that being able to “be surprised at nonsense is cool”, and teaches this skill to his listener.

Childhood and youth

The early biography of the lead singer of the OQJAV group is associated with Perm, where he was born in the Gaiva microdistrict, but now Vadik considers Moscow to be his home. Here, after him, his mother and sisters moved to live, but for the latter, the capital became a transit point: later one of them moved to St. Petersburg, and the other to Paris. Korolev stayed to live in Moscow, coinciding with the city in terms of tempo.

Vadik Korolev and OQJAV group

Returning to his small homeland for a couple of days, the musician eats off his grandmother's changes, meets with his grandfather and father. He has almost no friends left in the city - one school, the other university. Almost all like-minded people left Perm.

Korolev studied at the famous school number 22 with in-depth study of the French language. Since childhood, Vadik fell in love with music, inspired by the clips of Michael Jackson. In the 5th grade, I decided to learn to play the guitar, began performing with songs and dances at school events. It was there that he was noticed and invited to the Perm Academic Choir "Mlada" - a youth musical group of a new generation known in Russia and Europe, which pushes the boundaries of the traditional choral genre, complementing it with multi-style vocal techniques.

Despite his creative abilities, the guy was not going to turn music into a profession. He entered the law school of the university, and in the evenings he worked part-time in the warehouse of a wholesale bookstore. This was followed by work in the prosecutor's office, and then there was a move to Moscow, where Vadik managed to work in the legal department of "Ashan".


While still living in Perm, Vadik founded the Pilar group, which began performing on the stages of his hometown in 2004. The guys performed rhythmic electronics, won at independent music festivals, and moved to Moscow with ambitious plans. Even though the producer of " Mumiy Troll " and Zemfira Leonid Burlakov became interested in Perm, the group did not achieve much success.

In 2012, Korolev teamed up with Katya Pavlova and Daniil Shaikhinurov, with whom he created the Okudzhav group. For the first album, released 2 years later, the musicians received the Artemy Troitsky “Steppenwolf” award as the best debutants and were also awarded several other awards. In 2015, the team changed its name to OQJAV, faced with the claims of Bulat Okudzhava's heirs.

The group has hundreds of songs on its account, which took shape in the records "Okudzhav", "Marta", "Leaves-flowers". They own the tracks "Jack", "Honest Choice", "Tatarka", several singles, mini-albums, and dozens of atmospheric videos. Since 2017, the composition has been updated, where only Korolev remained from the previous participants. He continued his further career in OQJAV in the company of Yaroslav Timofeev and Dmitry Shugaykin.

In addition, Vadik created joint projects with Taisia ​​Volkova and Evgenia Popova, created music for performances and films. In parallel, he wrote poetry and published the book "Kamysh". The musician also starred in films: in 2020, there were two premieres with his participation - "The Man from Podolsk" and "The City fell asleep." Both works were awarded at film festivals.