Biography of Spice Girls and music career

Published At: 11 January 2021 , 04:44 PM

Biography of Spice Girls

The music group "Spice Girls" has sold more than 80 million discs during its existence. The team is rightfully considered the idol of the youth of the late 90s. Simple girls easily conquered British and then world show business. True, sometimes the popularity of the singers went beyond reason - after the departure of one of the participants, a wave of suicides covered the UK.


The biography of the pop girl group, which released their debut album with a circulation of 50 million, began with an announcement in the newspaper. Successful music managers Lindsay Kasborne, Bob, and Chris Herbert wanted to launch an unusual project on the world stage. The producers decided to gather a purely female team that will compete with the annoying boy bands.

By placing an advertisement for the casting in the newspaper, music industry workers did not expect such an influx of applicants. More than 400 applicants were viewed by managers. The producers made the final choice in April 1994, a month after the launch of the project.

The original composition of the group "Touch", such a name was given to the newly formed collective, included Jeri Halliwell, Victoria Adams (now known as Victoria Beckham), Michelle Stevenson, Melanie Brown, and Melanie Chisholm.

Two months after the start of rehearsals and the first attempts to record a single, it became clear that Michelle Stevenson was falling out of an organically selected team. The girl was replaced by Abigail Keys, who did not last a month in the group.

Frustrated producers were about to announce a re-casting when Emma Bunton was invited for a test recording on the recommendation of a familiar vocal teacher. In September 1994, the composition of the new female musical group was completely assembled.


It soon became clear that the girls and managers did not have the same vision of the future of the group. The members of "Touch" were not satisfied with the repertoire and the name. After several months of incessant conflicts, the girls broke the contract with the producers.

Jeri Halliwell

The idea to change the name to "Spice" came to the head of Jeri Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm, already nicknamed Melanie C. In order not to get confused between the two Melanie, the girls took pseudonyms, added the first letter of the last name to the name of both participants.

Everyone liked the new name of the group, but it turned out that such a musical group already exists. At the general meeting, this problem was solved quickly. Added the word "girls" to "Spice". The new manager of the band was Sison Fuller, who quickly signed a contract with Virgin Records for the growing quintet.

In December 1996, the band's first album was released, entitled "Spice". The release of the debut disc was preceded by the single "Wannabe" and a video for the same musical composition. A month before the official release of the album "Spice Girls" will present the song "Say You'll Be There". The colorful video was filmed in the desert. After the premiere of the video, they started talking about the group that appeared in Europe.

Nobody expected that the album "Spice" will receive such recognition. The disc has been certified platinum 7 times in the US and 10 times in the UK. In order not to miss the wave of popularity, in December 1996 the band released their third single "2 Become 1".

The song "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls

November 1997 saw the release of the second album. Unlike the first disc, the girls, in addition to vocals, independently wrote several songs that were included in the collection. The success of the second disc is practically on a par with the debut creation.

In parallel with the release of songs, the group presents its cinema to fans. SpiceWorld premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. This important event was followed by the performance of "Spice Girls" at the birthday party of Prince Charles. The popularity of the female collective has reached incredible proportions.