Biography of Sia and music career

Published At: 04 January 2021 , 03:13 PM

Biography Sia

Sia is an Australian singer who works in the styles of jazz, folk, soul, and pop. Even though the artist is one of the most famous stars of the international scene, she prefers to remain in the shadows. For this reason, Sia never appears in her videos, but goes on stage in a wig that hides her face.

Childhood and youth

Sia Keith Isobel Ferler (full name of the singer) was born on December 18, 1975, in the city of Adelaide (South Australia). It is worth noting that the atmosphere of all-consuming creative anarchy surrounded the performer from the first years of her life.

Father Phil Coulson lectured on art at a local college, and mother Loenne Ferler ran the house and raised her daughter. In their free time, the couple performed in cafes and bars as part of the rockabilly band The Soda Jerx organized by them.

In her teenage years, Kate was a fan of the works of Sting, performer of classic rhythm and blues Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Later, Sia admitted that their voices were still mixed in her head and resound in her thoughts to this day.

In conversations with media representatives, the artist repeatedly said that when her parents went on tour, leaving their beloved child at home, to have fun, she often danced in front of the mirror, imitating her favorite performers. Many years later, these childhood memories formed the basis of the video clip for the song "Chandler".

Sia hated school, learning was not easy for her, and she was not particularly popular with her classmates, causing them only ridicule and insults.

At the age of 17, Ferler first appeared on stage as a member of the local jazz-funk group The Crisp but did not stay with it for long. As part of this project, the girl recorded two albums - Wordand the Deal and Delirium. Both records failed commercially but made it clear to the young singer that it was time for her to pursue a solo career.

Personal life

The singer's personal life has developed quite dramatically. In the early 2000s, the girl met a guy named Dan in London, who became her first true love. The couple traveled to Thailand, but Dan had to return to London before Sia for work. A week before her arrival, the guy was hit and killed by a car.

After this tragedy, the singer plunged into a deep depression, accompanied by uncontrolled use of alcohol and drugs. The desperate girl even tried to commit suicide, but then a friend called her on time. In 2004, after another nervous breakdown, Sia underwent a full course of rehabilitation, and after 4 years she openly declared her bisexuality.

In 2009, the singer was recognized as one of the most influential LGBT people in Australia. She was in a relationship with JD Samson, the lead singer of LeTigre. Sia said more than once that she dreamed of marrying her, but for unknown reasons, the couple broke up.

Unconventional orientation did not prevent the singer from marrying a member of the opposite sex. In 2014, Kate married American director Eric Anders Lang, but at the end of 2016, the couple divorced. The couple did not have children.

After breaking up with her husband, Sia began to lead a healthy lifestyle - she signed up for yoga classes with Demi Moore and became a vegetarian. The singer is in great shape - with a height of 164 cm, her weight is 62 kg.

Even though Sia tries not to get into the camera lens once again, she does not always succeed. So, in 2017, she shocked her fans by posting on Twitter her nude photo, in which she was captured from the back.

The woman found out that earlier the paparazzi had photographed her naked while she was swimming in the pool, and the bidding for these pictures began on the Internet. She asked people to save their money because the photo can now be seen for free in her account.

Star tattoos deserve special attention. Hands are covered with children's drawings as if kids had painted them with colored pencils.

In 2019, the artist confessed her health. She told reporters that she suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The disease affects the collagen content in the skin and connective tissue, which manifests itself in excessive skin elasticity and pain in the joints.

In 2020, it became known that the singer had adopted a boy. Sia does not advertise his name, but earlier she stated that she was ready to issue custody of the 16-year-old orphan Desani, about whom a documentary was created. The guy survived the death of his mother at the hands of his father, after which he was forced to live with a relative, who subjected him to physical violence.

The star does not hide her new love. The singer Diplo became her chosen one, with whom she sings in the LSD group. According to the performer, she is strongly attracted to a colleague but now decided to refrain from relationships because of her employment with raising a child.


In 1997, Sia moved to London, where she was lucky. In her youth, the singer acted as a backing vocalist in the notorious group Jamiroquai, then released the album Only see, and in 2000 signed a contract with the recording company Sony Music.

A year later, the debut solo disc of the singer HealingIs Difficult hit the shelves, the author of the music and lyrics of which was the singer herself. The listeners liked the disc and were favorably received by music critics. Then they learned about Sia in Britain, but the rest of Europe, like the States, had not yet heard of the talented Australian.

That changed with the release of her third album, Color the Small One. The song Breathe Me not only took the first lines in the charts of a couple of American radio stations but also became the soundtrack for the series "The Client is Always Dead".

Later, the same composition was played at Victoria's Secret fashion show, in ads for Australian supermarkets, during the Beijing Olympics, and in the trailer for the popular Prince of Persia game. Four years later, another album, Some People Have Real Problems, was released, which took 26th place on the 200 Billboard chart. At this time, the artist begins cooperation with the group Zero 7, with the musicians of which she records the tracks Destiny, Distractions, You're My Flame, Dreaming, and others.