Biography of Ringo Starr and music career

Published At: 08 January 2021 , 06:24 PM

Biography of Ringo Starr

Each member of The Beatles is a legend, each has contributed to the success of the project. They say that kind and wise Ringo Starr was the soul of the Liverpool quartet, his "sentimental heart." An excellent drummer, songwriter, and performer of songs made a brilliant solo career and still does not get tired of delighting fans with new creative ideas.

Childhood and youth

The musician was born in a poor area of ​​Liverpool in the family of baker Richard Starkey. The baby was named according to the working traditions prevailing in those days in honor of his father. A talented drummer will slightly correct the name already at the dawn of fame. The nickname is a derivative of the words ring (ring) and star (star). The fact is that Ringo wore many rings, and appreciated his drumming highly, "star-like".

Ringo Starr as a child

When his son was three years old, his father left the family, and later his mother remarried. Nature did not endow the boy with health; over the years, serious illnesses overtook. After graduating from elementary school, Richard went to the hospital with peritonitis, where he spent a year. And a little later I had to miss two years of study due to pleurisy. As a result, the musician never received his secondary education.

At the age of 15, the teenager went to earn a living, took up any business. I managed to try myself in the role of a courier, assistant, bartender on a railway ferry. The young man was fond of American music and once decided to become a drummer. The first drum kit was presented by his stepfather, to whom the young man promised to become a good musician.


At the beginning of his career, Ringo Starr was attracted by the skiffle style. Various musical groups collaborated with the gifted drummer with pleasure. In the late 50s, fate brought the young man together with the Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, whose work thundered throughout Liverpool. The group was reputed to be the main rival of The Beatles.

Ringo Starr in The Beatles

The musician was accepted into the Beatles team in mid-August 1962. With the arrival of Ringo Starr, the group turned into a quartet, which, in addition to him, included Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison. The drummer's name quickly rose to prominence.

Ringo sang the drums for almost all of the songs. The artist also tried his hand as a singer - his voice sounds in the choral singing of some of the compositions. The musician also sang lead vocals, the song "Yellow Submarine", written by McCartney in 1966, belongs to this direction in his work.

Song "Yellow Submarine"

The composition immediately after the release took first place in the English hit parade, and later an animation clip was shot for it. Starr was also the author of singles, for example, the songs Don't Pass Me By and Octopus's Garden belongs to him.

In an interview, Ringo recalled that the work on two compositions that became classics was especially memorable. These are "Hey Jude", which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Song of 1968, and "Here Comes the Sun," which initially confused the drummer with odd rhymes like in Indian music.