Biography of Paul McCartney and music career

Published At: 06 January 2021 , 08:38 PM

Biography Paul McCartney

Energy, warmth, and incredible talent not only in music but also in other areas - such is Her Majesty's Knight Sir Paul James McCartney. The work of a composer, performer, writer, and artist reflects the beauty of the surrounding world and inspires this amazing person to constantly create new projects.

Childhood and youth

The founder of the British rock band The Beatles, Sir James Paul McCartney was born in 1942 in a modest maternity hospital in the suburbs of Liverpool. His mother Mary worked at that time as a nurse in this clinic, later she took a new position as a home midwife. The boy's father, James McCartney, is Irish by nationality, during the war he was a gunsmith in a military factory. With the end of hostilities, he became a cotton merchant.

In his youth, James studied music, in the 1920s he was part of one of the famous jazz bands of Liverpool at that time. Paul's father knew how to play the trumpet and piano. He instilled his love for playing music in children: the elder Paul and the younger Michael.

At the age of 5, Paul entered the Liverpool school. Here, at the age of 10, he took part in his first concert and received an award, and a year later he was transferred to a high school, which was called the Liverpool Institute, where he studied until his seventeenth birthday. In 1956, the McCartney family suffered a bereavement: Mary's mother died of breast cancer. After her death, Paul withdrew into himself.

Music was the way out for him. Thanks to the support of his father, the boy mastered playing the guitar and wrote the first musical compositions. It was this sad fact of the musician's biography that largely influenced his rapprochement with John Lennon, who also lost his mother in his youth.

During his studies, Paul McCarthy showed himself as an inquisitive student, he did not miss a single significant theatrical premiere, was interested in art exhibitions, and read fashionable poetry. In parallel with his college studies, Paul was engaged in a small business: he worked as a traveling salesman. Such an experience became a useful acquisition for his entire future life: McCartney can easily keep up a conversation with any person, he is open and friendly to everyone around him. The boy received his literary education from his school teacher, and it was in literature that Paul had the only A in the exams. At some point, the young man decided to become a theater director, but he failed to enter the institute since he submitted the documents too late.

The Beatles

In 1957, the significant first meeting of the future founders of The Beatles took place. A school friend of Paul McCartney invited him to try himself in a youth group called The Quarrymen, founded by Lennon. In those days, John still had a poor command of guitar playing technique, and Paul happily shared his knowledge with a new friend.

The relatives of both adolescents were hostile to the nascent strong youthful friendship. But this did not affect the relationship of young people, and they continued to compose music together. Paul McCartney invited George Harrison to the updated band The Quarrymen, who would later become one of the members of the legendary Beatles quartet.

By 1960, the young musical group was already performing at Liverpool venues, Paul and John changed their former name to the more sonorous The Silver Beatles, which, after a tour to Hamburg, was reduced to The Beatles. In the same year, Beatlemania began among the fans of the band.

The first songs that caused a storm of uncontrollable emotions in the audience were Long Tall Sally and My Bonnie. Despite this, the recording of the first disc at the Decca Records studio failed, and after a tour to Germany, the music group entered into a second contract with the Parlophone Records label. At the same time, the fourth legendary member Ringo Starr appeared in the quartet, and Paul McCartney himself switched from rhythm guitar to bass guitar.

Within two years, the band's first hits, Love Me Do and How Do You Do It ? were written entirely by Paul McCartney. From the first singles, the young man showed himself as a mature musician, all members of the group listened to his advice.

The band's image from the very beginning was different from other musical groups of that time. The musicians were focused on their creativity, they looked like real intellectuals. And if in the first albums John and Paul composed compositions on their own, then later they came to co-creation.

In 1963, the single She Loves You topped the UK Popular Music Chart and stayed at the top for almost two months. This fact officially secured the status of the most popular band for the group.

1964 was a breakthrough year for The Beatles on the world stage. The musicians went on tour in Europe and then went to the USA. The quartet was greeted by crowds of fans, at their concerts, the fans threw tantrums. The Beatles finally conquered the United States after their performance on the central television channel on the Ed Sullivan Show, which was watched by over 70 million viewers.